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John Berardis TEF factor placement

Hi all…just a quick question, though it may well have already been asked. It’s with regards to the TEF calc. which appears to be applied to the RMR figure, though if TEF is truely a measurement on the energy to process nutrients, shouldn’t it be added to the bottom figure i.e. RMR, cost of activity, cost of expenditure then TEF, as if one is consuming calories to cater for these factors, surely more energy is required to process them?? I dunno, I bombed @ math so stand corrected if I have the wrong end of the stick, shovel, barbell etc.

You’re really trying to stretch those cals out, arent you? Most others are saying that it’s too much food and you’re clamoring for more! In all seriousness, it’s not as simple to figure out as you suggest. There is no great way to think it out. The cals neede to burn food is not directly proportional to the food eaten. Remember, these numbers come from lab tested and verified results. So even if we were to come up with new theories that we can explain, the science proves us wrong.