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John Berardi's Insulin Sensitivity Test


In his Massive Eating II article, John Berardi mentions using a glucose meter and a glucose drink to test how insulin sensitive you are. I'd like to perform this test so I can know whether I should possibly lower my carbohyrdate intake or increase it.

The problem is, every pharmacy I have gone to has been at a loss for words as to what the hell a "glucose drink" is. I've been able to find "glucose tablets" but no such drink. What exactly is this stuff and where can I find it?


can't you just use dextrose?

go buy some grape juice...


He says in the article "For this you need to go to your local pharmacy and purchase a glucometer, some glucose test strips, and a standard glucose beverage (ask your pharmacist about this because it has to be a specific kind. Pepsi won't work).", so I don't know.


Tell the pharmacy that you need a Glucose Tolerance Beverage:

The most common one is 10-fluid ounces with 10g of Dextrose (D-glucose)/ounce.

(This yields a total of 100g of Dextrose).



I've called every pharmacy looking for "glucose tolerance beverages" and none of them have any idea what THAT is either.


I have googled "glucose tolerance beverages" and the first link sells it...

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You sir, are a stupid asshole. They sell them in a case of 24 for $109.48.

You also assume that I feel like ordering this shit off the internet. I wanted to pick one up TODAY.


i'm sorry...this is hysterical.

just try a handfull of m&m's, player.

anyway..i'd say send John and email or a message on this site. he responds pretty quickly and he'll probably post to this thread soon anyway.


Hah, actually I looking up info on these beverages and supposedly theres a way you can actually take the test in a fairly accurate manner using a specific type of jelly bean. Apparently a certain manufacturer includes a standard, predictable amount of dextrose in their beans. Anyways, yeah, I think I'll send him a message.


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Pure Dextrose power is dirt cheap. I buy bags of it for something like $.60 a pound and mix it w/ protein for my post-workout drink.


Jelly beans! You're kiddin me.

Well, ultimately if you can't find the glucose beverage, i'd say grape juice will probably do the trick...although JB may have a problem with it being fructose/dextrose as opposed to pure glucose.

If you find out from him, let me know...i'm interested in taking the test as well.


You can take 50g of glucose/dextrose and add it to 300-600ml of fluid. You can pick up the dextrose at the local bulk barn or most bulk food suppliers.



Try Lucozade


Iam amazed that you are having this much trouble finding glucose drinks at a pharmacy first occaisonaly some doctors send you in with a prescription to pick up a bottle or too for various reasons (No they are not a controlled substance) and secondly I have been into numerous pharmacies CVS in particular and I have seen these drinks either behind the counter or right next to the pharmacy check in/out window next to the diabetic supplies they come in what looks like a minature soda bottle with a screw top cap. On the other hand if all of this is such a problem why not ask your Doctor to administer the test?


John, if you still readng this, how much of grape juice is fructose as opposed to dextrose? I've been using it for PWO for a while now.


This is amazing because I've called two different CVS pharmacies and they didn't have it. One of them even checked their catalog to get a wholesalers numbers but couldn't find it. One of them told me to just buy gatorade.
As I stated in my other posts, I didn't want to go to the doctor because I wanted to perform this test that very day.