John Berardi's Glucose Test

Has anyone else tried out John Berardi’s insulin sensitivity test from his “Find out if you’re insulin sensitive” article on 6-9-16? I’d be curious to see some results! Mine are below, what do yall think?


  • I’ve eaten using the “Anabolic Diet” strategy for over 2 years straight and multiple years before that.

  • 27yo, 205lbs, 6’3’', ~3100cal/day, 4k-5k cal 24hr refeed weekly

  • I conducted the test at the end of the day non fasted… Since I eat <30g of net carbs a day during the week I was curious if my end of day numbers would match “fasted” and it looks like they did

  • I used 2 drinks containing 69 grams of sugar that I drank in 2.5 min (Orange Juice and Gator Aid)

  • I conducted the test on a Friday prior to the start of my carbup on Saturday (Should be my most depleted day of the week)