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John Berardi

Does anyone know when John Berardi’s website will be opening? It said in issue 212 in his article that it would be coming in June. IM eager to see what all is going to be on the site! The site http://www.johnberardi.com

It should actually launch today! However, John is a perfectionist and wants the site to be flawless before he puts it up so who knows.

I think things are going according to plan and therefore we should launch today!

This project has taken a few months and lots of iterations but I think it is now “web worthy”.

Go check it out tonite (about the same time t-mag launches) to see what we have to offer.


Waiting, waiting, waiting! Already read this weeks T-mag Online, am waiting for my paper issue and this website! It’s 8:32pm EST! Craving content…