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John Berardi Seminars

In the interest of doing the greatest good for the greatest number :wink: I wanted to let everyone here know about my upcoming online seminar series.

Over at www.johnberardiseminars.info, myself and a guy by the name of Terry Cernuto are beginning an enterprise in which we provide, live, online, television-quality broadcasts that are much more like a tv show than a seminar. In doing this, we can get my seminars out to a larger group of knowledge seekers at a fraction of the cost (for ourselves and the knowledge hungry students of this nutrition and supplementation information).

To take up too much space here describing our October seminar would be silly since we’ve got everything you want to know and more over at the site. So do yourself a favor and pop on over to www.johnberardiseminars.info to learn about the cool things we have in store for ya. Hurry though, if you’re interested in “attending” our next seminar, the “early bird” discount expires soon.

Hm, a tad steep for my budget.
Perhaps I`ll afford a dvd later on.