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John Berardi: Question For You


been trying to get in touch with Dr. John Berardi on a few subjects, hopefully you will read this or if anyone knows how he would answer this

hey Dr. Berardi how's everything,

my name is john im 20 years old and i have been weight training for about 4 years now. i recently ordered your precise nutrition program in gaining knowledge to pursue nutrition for gaining size and become healthier then ever. i have always ate the high protein diet with high amounts of carbs (good ones ) but never took into account how to plan everything out the "precise" way.

im very excited to start the program once it comes in. i want to make sure i am getting my training down correct to the T sort of speak , i was hoping you could personally recommend a book out there that will help me better program design and understand how to develop a bodybuilding/healthy training routine that is proven to work , not some super program, i need hard facts (but not to technical) . i saw your book recommendations but there are so much to choose from i was seeing witch one you thought would better suit my needs.

Also i am thinking of pursuing getting certified as a personal training but i am not sure of which one to go with, since you have been in the business for a long time now i was wondering which certifications would you consider the cream of the crop. thank you for your time and i hope you have a great memorial day weekend

God bless



C'mon man everyone knows that the hardest of facts on training and nutrition can be found at your local news stand in this months edition of FLEX.


And that in order to gain weight, you have to train with a fanny pack arround your waist.


Come on now guys. I think he is really looking for some help. I have read Ian King and Lou Schuler's "The Book of Muscle" as well as Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove's book "The New Rules of Lifting." I found that The Book of Muscle was very helpful, especially in giving a broad but simple lesson anatomy and muscle structure. Both books are well written and have extensive workout programs. Other than that, I would look towards college books. Look for books on anatomy, kinesiology, nutrition, etc.

I am also looking to become a certified personal trainer, so I await Dr. Berardi's response.

Also, from now on can you use proper sentence structure, grammar, and capitalization. No offense, but it was very difficult to read your post.

Hope this helped!



Agreed. Both excellent books. Or you can use this link which lays out ALL of Chad W's fine programs, in the order he recommends.


Berardi's a busy guy. Don't be surprised if he doesn't answer you. It's not his job. Now, pick a program and get your ass to work.


Try the Book JB wrote himself Scrawny to Brawny. If you're really seroius about getting certified pick up a copy of the NSCA textbook and start studying. Other wise sit back wait a few days and when your copy of PN arrives log onto the forum and JB's got a great summer prep plan. Also check out his website (Creation of a T-Man, and The Creation Continues) both of wich are excellent programs. He has a new program on the site too, but it's only for an andvanced trainee.
This is the best I can tell, I'm just giving it to you straight as CPT and a member of PN.



is the NSCA certification really the best? also what study materials do you really need? seems like they have alot of products to offer , quick question about the certification too , did they explain bodybuilding programs ect. in the book, or is it basiclly general fitness , i want to get certified but i would also like to develope my own training rountines for my self without questing myself.


if you bought PN then post up on JBs PN forum....easy :smiley: