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John Berardi - Maltodextrin

I have been trying out some of your recipes from your posts and book teaser - I haven’t bought it yet because it’s on my Xmas list. And I’m looking forward to trying a lot of the recipes I’ve seen. The peanut butter fudge bars are good, really, really dense, but good. I want to make the granola bars, but I wanted your input on the maltodextrin. Is there any particular brand you recommend? Also, I have tried two stores - 1 grocery and 1 health food store - with no luck. Where does one buy this stuff?


I buy “Now” brand maltodextrin, called Carbo Gain.

It runs about $12 for a 7lbs. container.


Go to a wine/beer brewing store and you can get bulk maltodextrin for EXTREMELY cheap. Probably half the price you would pay from NOW etc…