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John Berardi....Is best protein human flesh?

John, just finished reading your article. You stated: “The best dietary sources of protein have an amino acid composition that most closely approximates the make-up of human protein”. So, do you think that we are soon going to the lab to “create” future protein out of cloned human muscle tissue? Or a little more low tech as in “Soylent Green”? Charlton Heston’s famous words, “Soylent Green is people”.

Too bad Jeffrey Dahmer is dead, or you could have asked him.

Yeah, he was always getting some head too. But, it cost an arm and a leg.

To answer this somewhat seriously, I think that the amino profile of human flesh might approach the ideal, but the bioavailability would be a problem. Do you consume it raw? Do you cook it? Probably the best way to go would be to throw raw human flesh into a blender…

Human muscle does not nessacerily has to be the best. Because if a certain amino acid we eat is metabolised, destroyed and execreted. It will be lacking in the tissue we would be going to eat. Thus creating a amino acid profile that is NOT exactly what we need.

No, we dont have to go the Charle Heston route. When I made the quote above, I didnt mean to imply that human protein would be much better than other sources. In fact most animal proteins can approximate the make-up of human protein in terms of having all the required amino acids and good proportions of them. And using these sources is probably always going to be cheaper and easier than trying to design an amino acid blend similar to human muscle or going right to the source.

As my article said, PCDAAs of 70 or greater and BV of 100% or better are the way to go. You dont need much better that that. In addition, dont forget, just because the protein may have a good amino acid profile doesnt mean that you can digest and absorb it all completely.

I have the answer for you, as I was on the Human flesh diet for a while, ahh who am I kidding, what the hell kind of ideas are you trying to put in our already messed up heads? You know bodybuilders would eat dogfood and horseshit if you told them it would make them big. Dahmer just wanted to get ripped! We’re in for it now.

Thanks for the reply John. You never know what Met-rx will put in their next formula. Flesh-rx.

I don’t know guys, I ate out my gf the other night, and I’ll tell you, I gained 6 pds. in lean body mass from the superior proteins! Or was that 6 inches? :smiley: