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John Berardi: I need help re: Massive Eating

Hi JB,

I just started (actually)the massive eating today. I am at 140 lbs and 5’6. I don’t measure my body fat. I have a caliper at home, a digital one. It says 8-10% (i did it almost 10x) and i can’t see my abs without flexing it a bit. Thus, i guess it’s inaccurate because someone says that to see abs, you have to have at least body fat under 10%.
I think i am roughly at 12 to 14% body fat. I am supposed to be at 3500. Right now, i am at 3200. I can’t manage to eat a lot since my final exams are coming next week. Gotta study lots and lots.

Anyway, i don’t understand how you can have meals with carbs less than 80 g with 5000 cals a day. I think you have 10 meals or more with 3 protein/fat meals.

Can you please help me assess what i am doing?
This is for 3200 calories/day.
I have 7 meals. The first 4 are carb/protein and the next 2a re protein/fat. The last one is bedtime meal (1 serving of Grow!)
These are my proportion for nonworkout days: Meal 1&2 each --> 105c/39p. Meal 3&4 each --> 90 c/38p. Meal 5&6 each–> 47protein/20fat. I use advanced protein and flax oil for the protein/fat meals.

On workout days. This is what i have:
Pre-workout: mostly apples, banana, juice and protein powder(7.30am): 120c/40p; Workout at 10.00 to 11.30 am. Post(10.30am): 102c/34p
At 12.30pm: 90c/39p; 15.30pm : 79c/41p. Then, the last 2 meals are protein/fat with 47p/20f.
Grow! is the last meal before bedtime.

What do you think? Did i do something wrong?

Actually, i started the program last week with 2900 cals because i am afraid i will be adding too much muscle BUT i even lost some fat on my abs with no muscle loss at all. What does this mean?

Thank’s JB.
I appreciate your help.

I’ll send this again, so it will go to the top list when JB sees it