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John Berardi, How much Carbs in C+P meal

After reading the Massive Eating articles I am still a little unclear on some things.
What is the optimal amount of crab intake for a carb+protein meal? You said in your article that a meal too high in carbs could lead to fat gains, or is this just when you eat carbs alone?
Also is there a certain amount of time one should wait before eating a fat+prtein meal after they have eaten carbs. I guess it would be bad to eat them too close together because then you would have fats+carbs+insulin in your blood at the same time.

That’s sort of something for you to figure out. I try to keep carbs and fats below 5g when they shouldnt be in the meals. In addition, I try to keep the carbs below 80g in the carb + pro meals and fat below 30g in the fat + pro meals. That’s what I found to work best. You need to experiment on your own. You really need to know your insulin sensitivity to best do this. Also, I wait at least 2 hours between meals and sometimes 3.

So based on eating 80 grams of carbs, are you eating seven meals a day? or are using 50 % protein, with 6 meals a day?

i dont get it! i think john has said he eats about 400gms of protein per day (1600) good insulin sensitivty so i say 4 carb and 2 fats.the carb never goes past 80 so thats 320gm for 1280. fat in two meals is 540cals for a total of3420 that way. FOR 3 and 3 its a bit lower. so HOW MANY OF THESE DARN MEALS DO YOU EAT PER DAY. YOU NEED ANOTHER 3 MEALS