John Berardi having to post the same info time and again


Since every single person on the forum has asked you 100000 times about your workout recovery formulas(pre/during and post). I thought in the effort of saving you time and obvious aggitation you could post them on the t-mag faq? This seems to be a good idea as they are the most frequently asked questions in t-mag history. Now with regard to finding them on the forum…sometimes they come up…sometimes no…damn my dial up modem!!! One last idea if you do plan to post them in the faq, be as detailed as possible, so much so that a retarted, lobotomized monkey with a blood alcohal level of 6.5% could figure it out. Thanks for the time and trouble John.


Doesn’t sound like a bad idea, JB…

We are updating our FAQ section but to be honest, people who won’t use a search engine before they send us an e-mail or post on the forum aren’t going to read the FAQ either.

That’s a negative way to look at it, but it’s often true. On a more positive note, those who ask the same old questions are usual new to T-mag, Biotest and/or the forum, and that’s great. A know a few of our most loyal readers and “fans” if you want to use that word (sounds weird to me) only found T-mag a few months ago. I like to think they hung around because we were patient with their questions, even if we’d heard them a thousand times before. Sure, it’s frustrating sometimes and that’s why I bury hookers under my house after I dismember them and play with their internal organs. But hey, we all have our ways of dealing with stress. :slight_smile:

Two Things:

  1. I’ve tried searching the forum for something as simple as “t2”, and I get ZERO returns. Now, I know that there have been posts about it, because I started one myself yesterday… and it had “T2” in the subject line. So, perhaps some modifications could/should be made to the search engine. Maybe it could search post content (as well as subject and author) and maybe the search needs to go further back? Just a thought. On a related note, if I try to search the mag for “t-dawg”, I also get ZERO hits, but, if I search again for it, this time from the page that tells me it couldn’t find anything, I get a LOT of hits. Not to complain, mind you, just some constructive criticism.

2) Holy shit, Chris! You're scaring me, now.. well, the part about the internal organs anyway. Have you been taking too much Tribex again?

...and yes, part of the reason I have "hung around" is definately because of you guys' patience with me. Especially TC... man, I've been bugging the shit out of him lately. Gots ta give him props for not sending me a bomb in the mail.

Do you mean to say I seem “obviously agitated”? WTF…HOW DARE YOU!

No, Im just kidding. Not a bad idea at all but as Chris said, they wont find it before posting.

Dr Lemon always says this: there are people in this world who are “good” and they are “good” at all they do not just some things. And the opposite also holds true as “lazy people are universally lazy”.

The people who know the answers already dont need to look on the FAQ but the reason they know the answers is because they are quality individuals and are proactive and take proper measures to learn things. The people who dont know the answers are the ones who need to look around but dont because they are LQI (low quality individuals) and dont do more that what's required in any aspects of their lives.