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John Berardi Article-Wadda you think!

If you guys haven’t read this article yet, then skip ahead and do it! Read the article then come back here cause I want to hear some comments about it. Specifically this quote: "If you fancy yourself hardcore, you?ll probably berate these types of individuals for not doing more reading on these topics so they can implement them. But over the years I?ve come to the conclusion that one need not earn a degree in nutritional physiology to earn the right to eat healthier and improve their body composition and health profile.

Moving on, the second reason why knowledge and results are often divorced is that many individuals are simply too lazy to do the work necessary to have a great physique. You know who these individuals are. They spend so much time talking about training and nutrition each day that they hardly train. And when they do train, they’re so busy counting time under tension numbers and rest intervals that they never really focus on unleashing the beast and pushing up big weights.

That?s right?I said, “unleashing the beast” and I?d say it again. I?m convinced that each and every one of us has the beast within and when we hit the gym, we need to summon the beast to do our bidding. I?ve heard people talk about finding inner balance and peace while you train. I?d like to beat those people between sets of dead lifts. To train hard and develop an outstanding physique, you must “find the anger” within and unload it on the bar. Not only will you feel better when you?ve done the workout, having purged your subconscious inner demons, but you?ll also have stimulated the body to improve through brute acts of force and strength.

How?s that for motivational?

Unleashing the beast, though, is hard work and many find this work far too hard to do. So rather than going into this zone, they try to replace raw, hard lifting with the acquisition of knowledge; the more they learn the better they feel about their wussified lifting protocol. Well, they feel better for about 90% of the time because they convince themselves that they’re better than the “meatheads” who just go out there and lift. But the other 10% of the time is spent in stark naked shame, trying to hide from the fact that they don?t have the courage to take their lifting to that level of intensity necessary to create change.

So, regardless of whether you?re confused by too much out of context information or too wrapped up in the information side to actually unleash the beast, to feel the primal joy of lifting a heavy bar, this article is for you".
I am very guilty of this type of behavior often. Some times I am so drowned with information that I lose sight of “the beast”. Some people would call this practicing what you preach. Any body ever experienced this before, talking more than doing. Such as knowing you need your bodyweight in grams of protein a day, but just not doing it? Or knowing what to train and just not going ahead with it.