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John Berardi and Precision Nutrition


Just wondering if there is anywhere I can find a decent explanation of the program. I unfortunately don't have the money to shell out for the program.



Search for Berardi's "habits" on this site. That's pretty much it. Basically you get a more detailed version of his articles, a really nice cookbook and access to his forums. I was making progress using PN before PN even existed.


While I know this thread will soon be flooded with a slew of posters telling you to show some respect for JB and save up for the program, I just want to tell you that Precision Nutrition is one of the easiest fucking things to get your hands on if you have at least half a brain and two minutes with a search engine.

So, what's your excuse... because I know for a fact that Google is still working.


He made a free ebook outlining the basic concepts of Precision Nutrition and his 7 Habits..



Link does not work.


Yes it does.


copy and paste that one chief


I just copy and pasted that link in Chrome and the PDF downloaded just fine.

Nice eBook.


Or you can just get any one of his books (eg, Scrawny to Brawny, Metabolism Advantage) and be set.

I think Lyle McDonald's Flexible Dieting is better for most people.


I got a quality lul out of this.

How many times do you think he clicked until he got fed up enough to reply? I'd say 18.