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John Beatty on America's Got Talent


At least in my opinion, it's a lot more interesting than tap dancing or kite flying...


Haha. Awesome


Daddy, Nick Cannons hilarious!


Nick Cannon just walked away with your school clothes money! Fuck Nick Cannon!


Hes hilarious


That was great. Always fun to see somebody get schooled. Especially when it comes to feats of strength. I love watching the 20 somethings come into the gym and expect to lift the weights that the people who have been training for awhile are lifting. That moment of realization is priceless and fun to watch.


That was hilarious that douche doubting that it was hard. I have seen Derek Poundstone roll a frying pan too, it is on my list of goals.


John made it through to the next round:

I'm real interested in seeing what else he has planned. That deadlift was rediculous, how he managed to balance it is beyond me.


That was awesome and entertaining


"it might have been a weak kinda frying pan"...


Hmmm...does a real strongman use straps?





You can go here and vote! up to 10 times come on lets push him through!


His in the top 48 bio's, so at the very least he has a chance...

Video: http://www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/video/week-8-the-strong-man/1239891/

10 votes for me, just fill it out, hit submit, back, submit, back...


I have a feeling he isn't going to make it through this round.


I voted for him. but he didn't make it through.