John Basedow Ab Surgery?

I have heard that John Basedow (the Fitness Made Simple guy) has had ab-etching done. Anyone know if this is true? I would love for it to be… I hate those stupid commercials.

Don’t know about him (don’t even know of him in fact) but T-mag eludes to Shawn Phillips having it done. He also has an ab “coffee table book”. Read gay stroke mag. :slight_smile:

john basedow is my idol. i pattern all of my training and nutrition after his methods. thank you.

are you serious?

Anybody else waiting for the day when his head is going to snap his neck. He has got to have the smallest neck and biggest head of any person alive.

Holy shit that was a great comment Jay…
I always yell at the TV when he comes on.
I am with you brother. When is that neck gonna snap already???

Who the fuck cares? Maybe he knows his shit? I don’t care for that bullshit before pic he’s trying to pull off, but leave the dude alone. Let him make money however he’s gonna make it. Maybe he did, maybe he knows what he’s doing, people should slow down the act the cynical dick mode a bit.

That has got to be the skinniest, whimpiest fitness author I have ever seen. I think AIDS is the only thing that would cause me to get that emaciated. 13" guns and a 34 chest. My guess. No lats to speak of. But if he can make a living, then so be it. I could sell flavored manure and someone will buy it.