John B Your brother Steve wrote in an article a while back that you make salmon jerky do tell

Mr B. I have a food dehydrator and love making jerky in it. I read a while back that you have a way of making salmon jerky from canned salmon. What is your recipe/metholodology. I am willing to try just about any mixture of Jerky. I cannot get enough of the stuff.


Please forgive me if I am mistaken, but I believe Mr. Shugart once mentioned that this was a joke by Mr. Berardi. They do not really have a recipe for salmon jerky.

Even if this was a joke, I have seen and tasted salmon jerky. It is available in California at Trader Joes, but I’m sure other stores sell it. I imagine that you could use a similar recipe for salmon jerky that you would use for beef jerky. You might want to make the salmon slices a little thicker though. Just an idea, I don’t have any specifics.

Wouldnt the dehydration process negate the benefits from the EFA’s in salmon being that they are highly sensitive to heat, air and light?

What happens to the EFA’s in the salmon when yuou cook your salmon fillets/steaks (grilling, broiling, frying, baking, etc). Does the heat of cooking oxidize the EFA’s then too?

I have read of people purposely undercooking their salmon for that very reason.

It was a jerkey joke, jerkey