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John B, preferred method of Cardio, and Optimum Post-Cardio Nutrition

John, I read in one of your more recient posts about optimal post cardio nutrution, however, you did not specifically metion what form of nutrition this was, liquid, solid, high GI,II, ect. I am assuming that if you are doing your cardio below the lactate threshold that fatty acids are being used primarily for fuel and muscle glucose is being spared so, how exactly is insulin sensitivity being increased post cardio?? Also, what type of cardio do you preferentially do, and what do you think of those fan bikes with the handle bars connected to the pedals so the upper body as well as the lower body is worked at the same time? Wouldn’t this type of cardio be superior to legs only types of cario (bikes, treadmills) to increase insulin sensitivity?? Thanks!!!

One more question, how long does the cardio session have to be to elicit the increase in insulin sensitivity, 15, 20 min??

Does anyone else have any input on this??

I think some of your questions are going to be addressed in John’s next column at T-mag. He should have a new one in there Friday. It’s called “Appetite for Construction”. There’s been one published already a few issues back.