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Joey Loves Donny!

Anyone see the excerpts form Condie Rices’ confirmation hearing?

Seems like ole’ Joe Biden doesn’t like Rumsfeld too much…he basically said (I’m paraphrasing):

“Ms. Rice…please, PLEASE…whatever you do…don’t listen to Rumsfeld…he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about!”


(Anyone hear her response?)


No, did you get the response? I’ll bet it was either quite witty, or a very diplomatic silence. That Dr. Rice is one CLASS act.

I get so tired of these confirmation hearings, and congressional hearings in general.

Before they were televised, do you think that such grandstanding and long speeches were made? I seriously doubt it. Come on Senator! You are supposed to ask a question, and then get an answer. NOT go on for 10 minutes of speechifyin’ to the camera! Geez! Let’s pull the plug on these buffoons.