Joe's Training Log

Recent searching in my IRL log has revealed that my greatest gains came when I recorded my workouts/diet on the interwebz. While that probably isn’t the sole reason for my previous success, I feel that recreating the atmosphere in which the gains were achieved will help me to see more results.

202 lbs
11-12% BF (not exact)

Lifts: (current - best ever)
Bench: 245 - 245
Box Squat: 365x1 - 425x3
Deadlift: 365x5(trap) - 465x2(bar)

I will drink 1 gallon of water a day
I will sleep before 12 o Clock everyday
I will foam roll everyday

Short Term: (in 4 weeks)
9% Body Fat by 5/9/10
Bench: 265 by 5/11/10
Box Squat: 405 by 5/1/10

Long Term: (By August)
8% Body Fat
Bench: 305
Box Squat: 495
Deadlift: 505
40: 4.7

Diet: Basic Carb Cycling
Monday: Low Carbs
Tuesday: High Carbs + 1 Cheat meal
Wednesday: Medium Carbs
Thursday: Low Carbs
Friday: Medium Carbs
Saturday: High Carbs + 1 Cheat meal
Sunday: Low Carbs

Monday: OFF - Wood Chopping (work) + Metabolic Conditioning
Tuesday: Max Effort Upper Body + Direction Change Work
Wednesday: Dynamic Effort Lower Body + Linear Speed Work
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Dynamic Effort Upper Body + SPP
Saturday: Max Effort Lower Body + Metabolic Conditioning
Sunday: OFF (light footwork is done)i

there is NEPA done every day in the form of sport or work.
I chop wood for my friend’s dad for an hour or two on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
I play ultimate frisbee with a bunch of kids from my school on Wednesday, after my workout.
(helps me get my footwork in, conditions me, and is fun)

Max Effort Upper Body

A. Jumprope x 300 reps
B. Squats x 10
C. Lunges in all directions x 10
D. Med Ball Passes x 10 overhead + 10 chest pass (9-11 lb Med Ball)
E. Band Pull aparts x 10 x EFS Miniband
F. Band Shoulder Dislocations x 10 x EFS Miniband

A. Sub Max Effort Dumbell Presses (5RM)
40x5 - 50x5 - 60x5 - 70x5 - 80x5 - 90x5 - 100x4(missed the last one)

Eh, it felt alright today. I was definitely there mentally but I think I was a bit fatigued from the lack of sleep. I was unable to go to bed before 3:30 AM yesterday and it definitely was detrimental to my workout.
Mentally: 3/5
Physically: 2/5

B. Bench Press: Triceps Death
2x3+3(1 board)+3(2 board)+3(3 board)+3(4 board)x185lbs

felt a bit weak on these compared to the usual feel of 185. I feel like it was because of exercise A.

C.Chinups + Chest Supported Reverse Flys
3x8 (got 8 - 3- 6) + 3x12x25-20-20
I need to work on my chinups. I can get a 8 reps if i don’t go all the way down but from a dead hang, I can only get three.
The first set was too heavy so I dropped down to 20lb dumbbells for the rest of the exercise.

D. Plate Front Raises x 10 + DB Lateral Raise to DB Powerclean x 8
3 sets, continuous.

this was hard, but I felt a great pump.

E. Unloaded Bar Curls

this was ridiculously hard, I felt my right calf start to cramp up during these. It’s a sign that I need more water.

F. Fat Bar- Barbell Complex (unloaded
Deadlift x 10 - 10
Bent Rows x 10 - 10
Cleans x 10 - 10
Military Press x 10 - 10
Squats x 10 - 10
Military Press x 10 - 10
Cleans x 10 - 6
Bent Rows x 10 - 8
Deadlifts x 10 - 8

2 rounds, first numbers are the first round numbers. the second ones are the second round numbers.
I seriously regret not biting the bullet and getting the full reps of the second round. It didn’t tire me out conditioning wise but my grip gave out in the middle of the complex.
It didn’t help that I took NO-BS’s Pre-workout supplement which honestly, gives the sickest pumps I’ve ever felt in my life.
So the high rep curls and raises leading up to the complex pumped my hands up and tired my grip out enough so that for the last few reps of the complex, I could barely hold the bar. At one point, the bar actually came out of my hands.

Workout Grade: B-
Started out alright but ended horribly. I pussied out, no two ways around it. I’ll just have to remember this and use it in the future.

Things Learned:
Crazy pumps can sometimes be detrimental to your workout.
My grip strength needs work.
I need to drink more water.

NEPA: 30 Minute game of ultimate frisbee. fun stuff!