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I took a month off since my last meet in July to let my back heal up, mostly doing bodyweight stuff and some cardio to keep in shape. Today was my first real workout since then.

I always start with the bar and warm up thorougly but for brevity’s sake I’ll just include sets over 225 for the main lifts.

Anyway here we go…

forgot to weigh myself this morning
Squat(no belt)-225x1 275x1 300x5x5
first set was slow but afterward remembered to explode at the bottom so they went real well

Cleans-135x5 155x5x2
GH raise- 3x10
Abs-3x10 each side
Neck bridges-3x10


Speed Bench-185x3x8 (4 sets close, 4 sets medium grip)
Incline Bench-2x10 1x8
Wanted to do some extra shoulder stuff but was tight on time

Weight was 238 this morning

Squat(no belt)-225x3 275x3
Deadlift(no belt)–225x1 275x1 315x1 340x5x2: tried a new stance and grip- kind of a modified Sumo similar to what Rickey Dale Crain describes in an article* I’ve read- felt alot more explosive, but form got a bit sloppy- I think next week I may reset my stance and grip between reps. Mostly felt good but on a few it felt like I was stiff-legging the weight.

Deadlift(close stance standing on plate)-(no belt)-315x5
Glute Ham raise-3x10
Weighted sit up on Glute Ham Raise-3x10
Neck Bridge-3x10

Back felt 100%

This links to the article if you’re interested:

Bench-225x5x5- all paused
all went well but on last few reps of fifth set right forearm felt kind of numb
3 Boards-225x2 275x2 275x1
planned for 2 fast doubles, easing back into it but on second set the rep was surprisingly slow so I racked it as I didn’t have a spotter- guess I was gassed

Side dumbbell raise-3x12
Front dumbbell raise-3x12
dumbbell press-3x12
(done as a super set)

Weight was 237 before leaving for the gym

Squats(no belt)-225x1 275x1 315x5x5
First 2 sets kind of slow but brought my feet in to my old stance (roughly shoulder width) and they went better
Arch back good morning(no belt)-135x5 185x5 225x5 245x5- used a wider stance than for squats- really works the hips hard
Chest Supported Row-4x10
Side sit up- 3x10 each side
Neck bridge-3x12
Form still isn’t perfect but improved from last week

Also, sorry if this is a dumb question but I guess it’s better to ask now than a week before the meet lol. I always try to squat as low as possible when training but was noticing I have alot of trouble keeping my arch when I hit the “rock bottom” position.

On my fifth set I stopped at parallel and kept my arch without any problem.

Should I keep trying to squat lower or just as far as my arch allows and keep working on flexibility? I think squatting deeper will give you more benefits in squatting strength but am concerned this might reinforce bad habits- i.e. losing the arch and tightness and trying to good morning the weight up.

Thanks in advance.

Great log. Could you post your lifts from your previous meet? I would be interested to know what your goals are.

Either way, keep up the great work.

[quote]LiteWeight35 wrote:
Great log. Could you post your lifts from your previous meet? I would be interested to know what your goals are.

Either way, keep up the great work.[/quote]

Thanks alot man!

My last meet I unfortunately bombed out of. My training partner got sick and I only used my squat suit once so I had trouble finding depth. :confused:

Best gym lifts/comp lifts are as follows(these are with gear):


I compete mostly in USAPL.


BWT:236 this morning

Close grips(index finger on smooth)-185x8 205x8 225x6 (wanted 8 next time I guess)
Side raise-3x15
Pec Deck-1x10 2x20
Wrist Roller-3 sets

Squeezed workout between work and night school. I’m trying to alternate a higher rep day with the speed day to hopefully bring my triceps up. Don’t usually go over 5 reps so even these moderate weights were challenging.

Weight after breakfast: 240

Squat(no belt)-225x2 275x2 315x2
Sumo deadlift(no belt)-225x3 275x2 315x2 355x5x2- really took my time to set up but kept stifflegging the reps- not sure if this means bad flexibility or weak hips

Moved stance in(no belt)-355x5 convention felt a world easier; I may stick with this stance
Pulldown-3x10- left tricep cramped up
Wide stance pull through-3x15
Sit ups-3x20
Neck work

Hoping my tricep will feel up to benching tommorow

Was planning on putting on a loose shirt today but tricep still kind of cramped so I’ll wait till next week
Bench-235x5x5(all paused)
Shoulder press ladder
Rope pushdown-2x25 1x8
Wrist extension-2x20
Wrist Curl-2x20

BWT:240 (dam Labor day party)

Squats(no belt)-225x3 275x2 315x1 335x5x5
School gym was closed so was Dino’s went to a local Gold’s. They had one of those racks that just has pegs that you rest the weight on so I had to choose between hitting a higher peg on the walkout or standing on my toes to unrack the weight. This made walking out and getting set up way more difficult and time consuming than usual. Fifth set was TOUGH!

bent row-3x10
Side bend-2x10 each side
Ab wheel-3x10

Speed Bench-185x3x8- felt good today very fast

Nose breakers-3x8
Hammer Curls-3x10
done as superset

side raise 3x13
front raise 3x13
seated press 3x13
done as superset

pressed for time again

Pause squats-225x3 285x3x2- will keep adding weight each week- very good I have some trouple staying tight in the squat these should help
Deadlift-225x3 275x2 315x1 365x5(forgot chips) 370x5- need to remember to keep weight on heels
GH raise-3x10
Ab twist-3x10 each side
Neck bridge-2x15

BWT: 239

Bench-225x1 245x5x5 (all paused)
Put on loose Fury
275x3- about 35 feet from chest
Added belt
315x2- none touched
Add wrist wraps
335x1- about 2" from chest came up fast
355x1- first one was smooth, on second rep I came out of the shirt’s “groove” but muscled the bar up, however I raised my butt as I was locking the weight out so it wouldn’t count
Face pulls-3x20


Squats(no belt)-225x1 275x1 315x1 350x5x4
was gunning for 5 sets but back was totally fried after 4
GHR sit up-3x20

I’ve made a few changes to my squatting techniques which proved very helpful. I find moving my grip in closer helps me keep my upper back tight- although it is somewhat uncomfortable for my wrists and elbows.

Also instead of using a “Kamikaze” style as my training partner named it I descend slower now which helps me keep the arch in my lower back and my torso much more solid. I found I came out of the hole much more explosively even without as much of a rebound.

However as I learned today it does tire your back out somewhat. I guess for a single though it would not.

Overall I was happy with today I think it was the best training session so far.



My right elbow has been bothering me since yesterday. Extending it all the way is painful. I used these elbow sleeves from when I played rugby while I trained.

Speed bench:185x3x10- didn’t go smoothly so I did some more sets to get into the groove.
Close grip bench-225x5- elbow bothered me so I racked it

Side raise-3x12
Front raise-3x12
Dumbbell press-3x12
done as superset

Hammer curls-3x10
Light pushdowns-100 reps with light weight, took rest as needed, trying to get blood into elbows, which did feel better afterwards. I put ice on it yesterday, hopefully it isn’t anything serious.

Got some pretty funny looks as I got tired and struggled with the last reps on the pushdowns. After I finished this little fellow came up and did some reps then walked away with his chest out. LOL. Gotta love the school rec center.

Have still been training but internet hasn’t been working.

Pause squat(no belt)-225X1 295X3X2
Deadlifts(no belt)-225X1 315X1 385X5X2
Better form but finding I keep jerking the weight to start need to make sure I get the slack out of the bar first or it will throw me off balance. Very quick but at this weight should have been smoother

Deadlifts in rack (3rd pin; used mats so a few inches below knee)- 225x2 315x1 405x1
Belt on- 495x1 545x1 565x0

First time doing these and can’t say I’m a fan. Starting position felt really awkward and once I got the weight moving they were all easy. I may keep these but next time go off a lower pin and do triples or something with somewhere between 425 and 475 after normal deadlifts.

BWT: 240
Bench- 225x1 255x5x3 255x4- grinder and no spotter so racked it- all reps paused
First sets went fast but then I guess I ran out of steam. I had planned next week to be light and it looks like I figured it right this last week was tough sledding.

Rack lockouts- 225X3
added elbow pad 315X3 335X1 365X1 385X1
added wrist wraps 400X0
Will use this as assistance in the coming weeks, so I just wanted to get a very conservative estimate of max to base this on. Will probably use between 315 and 335 for triples after bench and loose shirt work.

Kettlebell shoulder press-2x10- these work the heck out of your delts since you need to balance the weight at the same time.
Neck harness-2 sets

This week is just light stuff

Leg sled- 3x15 1x10 1x50
Leg curl-3x20
Girl machine-2x20 in/ 2x20 out