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JoelB's Training Log


Currently a lean 178lbs
Diet: Cycling carbs with my training days but mostly fruits and veggies
Goal: increase strenght while maybe gaining some mass in the process
Weak points: Calves, hamstring, glutes, arms
Strong points: upper back, quads

Deadlift mixed grip; Rest: 3min
1x5 (280)
1x3 (320)
1x3 (355) (miss the fourth rep)

Triset; Rest 90s
(3x4-6)Leg curl Feet in
(3x10) Reverse hyper one legged
(3x4-6) Leg curl Feet out

Abs rollout 3x

Leg curl
(1x10 + 20s isom pause at mid range on the last rep)



Close grip Bpress; Tempo (30X); Rest : 3min
1x5 (185)
1x3 (205)
1x3 (232,5) Very hard

Poliquin Style Superset; Rest : 90s

A1(4x5-10)Close grip Chin-up bodyweight only; slow tempo focusing on targeting my biceps
A2(4x5-10)Incline Biceps curl

B1(3x10-12)Seated DB French press
B2(3x5-10) Dips bodyweight; slow tempo focusing on targeting my triceps

I alternate between low volume (HIT type) and high volume week. The two last trainings are part of my high volume week.



Front squat; Rest : 3min
1x5 (220)
1x3 (250) Hard
1x2 (280) Very hard

A1 Back Ext.One legged (1x10-12) slow, focusing on my glutes
A2 BB bench lunge (1x12)
A3 Back Ext.One legged (1x10-12)

Calves for time
1x3 min on tension on the leg press machine


Increase ur volume man

U could try like me, olive oil shots tid


I drink already six tablespoons (around 600cal) of olive oil per day…I’ll increase my training volume next week!

Seated Military press
1x5 (115)
1x5 (125)
1x6 (142,5)Very hard…and that’s still weak!

Clean from Hang (just for fun)
3x3 (165)

(1x12)E-Z biceps Preacher curl
(1x10)Bent over row supinated grip
(1x12)Triceps pushdown
(1x8) Slow bodyweight dips


Who do you train with?


Sometimes alone and some other times with my roommate Benoit Big Ben Lebel



Deadlift mixed grip; Rest: 3min
1x5 (250)
1x5 (290)
1x9 (330) Very Hard

Leg curl (1x10)
Reverse Hyper one legged (1x9)
Leg curl (1x12)


Close Grip Bpress; Rest: 3min
1x5 (150)
1x5 (185)
1x3 (227,5) Big Fail

Chin-up close grip 25lbs(1x8)
Incline biceps curl (1x8)
DB French press (1x12)
Slow bodyweight dips (1x10)

I think I have to eat more: 3000 cal is not enough, my strenght seems to decrease…I’ll aim for 3500 cal from clean food.



Currently 182lbs (I just started eating bread and rice)

Seated Barbell military press
1x3 (115)
1x3 (135)
1xalmost 6 (152,5) Very Hard

Hang clean (18 reps)
1x3 (135)
1x3 (155)
1x3 (165)
3x3 (175)

Superset Waterbury style
(25 reps) A1 Close grip chin-up ( 30lbs DB hooked btw my ankles)
(25 reps) A2 Seated DB curl (32,5)



Deadlift mixed grip; Rest: 3min
1x3 (265)
1x3 (310)
1x6 (345) (my 3RM of August 2009!)

(25 reps)Leg curl
(40 reps)Reverse hyper
(40 reps)Calf raise


U gotta be a rich man to buy anaconda


I’m not sure if the MAG-10 is legal in Canada…Back in 2003 it wasn’t legal



Close grip Bench press; 205lbs
(23 total reps)

Bent over row supinated grip; 155lbs
(40 total reps)

Triceps Lying DB ext. with slow tempo; 25lbs
(40 total reps)



Front squat
1x5 (200)
1x5 (230)
1x3; miss fourth rep (260)

Back squat; 225 lbs
(25 total reps) that’s weak but im not used to back squat; hadn’t done a set for the past 6 months

Leg curl with slow tempo; 105 lbs
(40 total reps)



Seated Barbell Military press
1x5 (125)
1x3 (140)
1x5 (155) Very Hard

Hang clean (18 total reps)
1x3 (155)
1x3 (165)
1x3 (175)
1x3 (180)
2x3 (185)

Superset Waterbury’s style
(30 total reps) A1 Close grip chin-up (30lbs DB hooked btw my ankles)
(26 total reps) A2 DB seated biceps curl (32,5)



Deadlift mixed grip; rest: 3min
1x5 (285)
1x3 (330)
1x4 (365) Very very hard

Superset Waterbury style
(30 total reps) A1 Leg curl (135)
(45 total reps) A2 Reverse hyper one leg (with 35lbs)


Nice job man



Close grip bench press
(30 total reps with 205lbs)

Bent over row supinated grip
(50 total reps with 155 lbs)

Lying DB ext.
(39 total slow reps with 27,5 lbs)

A nice chick talked to me at the gym…maybe it’s because I was wearing a tight T-shirt this time instead of my usual dirty X-Large!


Front squat
1x3 (215)
1x3 (245)
1x5 (275) hard as hell

Superset Waterbury’s style
(30 reps total)A1 Back squat 225lbs
(50 reps total)A2 Leg curl slow tempo