Joel Marrion 5x5 -- Results

Just curious to hear results from those using Joel’s routine (or a modified 5x5). If it isn’t too much to ask, could you provide results and a brief description of the routing you are using. Thanks!

I actually just started this morning with my roommate using the template as described in the article. I think it gives a very good burn and helps me to preserve the strength I have while dieting. Speaking of… what type of meal protocol are you following during this?

I really like the program, Patricia and I followed it as presented in the article. I wish I had documented my results, but I did not.I did however drop BF, 1-2%(I normally stay under 10% and was able to drop without diet changes. I also was able to increase my strength. By the end of the program,I was able to squat 335, and deadlift 315, 5x5. I was under 160lbs, and around 8%BF at the end. highly recommend it.

is it just me… or does it kill your forearms?
I found the pullups/shrugs/wrist curls day really bad. I dont think I’d put so much wrist stuff on a pullup day again

Thanks for the response. I thought in a prior thread you (or Patricia) indicated that Joel had provided you with a modified routine. Either way, how long did you follow the routine? Also, I thought the program was billed (by Joel) as a bit of a bulking program, but it sounds as if your results were more along the lines of weight loss and strength gains. Am I misinterpreting? Thanks.

5x5 is for cutting, and at the same time maintaining muscle mass/strength (we did not alter our diets, so we saw increases in strength, if you are on a low calorie diet, your results may be different). We followed the routine published in T-mag fof 6 weeks, and I did gain some muscle mass(probably would have gained more if my diet had been better). The modified program tht you are refering to is a totally different animal. Joel calls it his “Natural bulking program”. I tweaked my shoulder before we started it, and did not complete it. It is however a really sweet program, and I will be giving it another go. You’ll have to ask Joel, however,if you want, it as it’s his baby.