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Joel Marion - Akerfeldt's real ABCDE program

Glad to see the success you’ve had with the ABCDE system! Please go to this sight: http://members.tripod.com/ ~stickgrappler/ug/abcde.html On this link you will read some fascinating information on Akerfeldt’s real ABCDE program! The one in Muscle Media was altered by Bill Phillips. Akerfeldt’s plan is actually differant in the cutting phase. The link also gives some stunning statistics on a group of weightlifters who underwent a college sponsored study in Sweden of the ABCDE program (16 lb lean body mass gains!). I’m sure you will find the info on this sight VERY interesting!
Joe Andersen

Thanks for the link. There was some pretty good information in there. Since I’m planning on doing 12 weeks of ABCDE starting in June, it is nice to hear as much about the program as possible.

Thanks bud, I’ll def. check it out.


I absolutely believe it is essential to keep calories around maintainance as the site you gave suggests…I actually have been recommending this. I’m not sure if I buy the whole thing about BP changing everything around; I just think that TA might have made some changes in his recommendations further down the line. Again, thanks for the link, confirms some of the things I’ve been recommending.


BTW- I don’t think the training protocol for the respective phases was optimal, nor do I agree with drinking 4 shakes a day while cutting. I’m working on an article right now for an optimal ABCDE cutting phase.

Glad you found this link interesting! I agree that TA’s workout regiment, especially on the lower/ maintenance phase could be improved! Especially the 45 minutes of daily cardio! I’d think that every other day HIIT sprints would be less tme consuming and certainly more conducive to fat loss. I’m very much looking forward to your article! I enjoy your posts - always informative!

Clip from the link above.

Who sponsored it?

Swedish university studies are as far as I know rarely or never sponsored by companies. I´m pretty sure this one wasn´t sponsored at all"

It was sponsored by a company which is selling supliments. (Suprise)
Most that have tried it that I know about hasn´t got anything near the results that the testpanel got.
I have never seen any facts on the testpersons featuring there prior type of training, if they where competing in for exempel powerlifting then there results were very good but if I could get “Nine young men with an average of seven years of training experience” from a ordinary gym and help them with there traing for some time I think that they would get good results on a ordinary diet and some help with the execution of the exercises.

The research was done at Uppsala University Institution of Nutrition in Sweden. It was NOT sponsored by a supplement company. Try it you’ll like it! My first xperience with ABCDE was a couple years ago. I was unable to do any weight training or aerobic activity for a period of three months. I new from some of the research that the dramatic changes in calories alone would help not only maintain muscle but possibly add some. The result - body weight went from 182 to 189 lbs. My waist went from 33 inches to 32.75! With no lifting or aerobics I actually gained muscle and lost fat! You should see what it will do if you add some heavy lifting!!
Joe Andersen

was their data ever published in a peer-reviewed journal? If so, which. I would love to read it. Most studies on altering caloric intake up and down as originally indicated by BP demonstrated an overall increase in body fat, not a reduction!

The research was done at Uppsala University Institution of Nutrition in Sweden. It was NOT sponsored by a supplement company.

According to my sorces it was sponsored and Uppsala Univerity are know to publish research which is sponsored by companies from the food industy and they are also known to forget to mention this when they publish something. If you did get so good results even without training then good for you...but I if a well trained and more importent a trainer with a knowlege of nutrition started the diet I rather think the results wouldn´t be that stunning.