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Joel M. and Timbo

I just wanted to give props to two of my Brother’s in Iron; Joel Marion and Timbo…

Anyone who buys into that “hardgainer” crap should gain inspiration from these two. When you look at Joel’s EAS Championship pics and those on the Forum now…and if you saw my man Timbo just two or so years ago…you would know that the name of the game is hard work, dedication and consistency.

A question I’ve been wanting to ask: What would the two of you say to the guy who says "I simply can’t grow…I’m a “hardgainer”?

Again…congrats guys…


Joel Marion is the man. He’s my ninja. Props to Joel for being an unrelenting source of inspiration and information. Joel Marion rules.

Mufasa, props are due and owing not just for their dedication, consistency and results, but also for their willingness to share what they know and help their T-Bro’s and T-V’s achieve THEIR goals.

Re your question, “What would you say . . .” it boils down to whether someone wants something absentmindedly or passionately with every ounce of their being. It’s a scale with absentmindedly being a 1 and passionately being a 10. People at the higher end of the scale don’t have the word “can’t” in their vocabulary.

Who are you? Nice to meet you. I’m Zev.

Zev you bogarting walrus humper! You stole that line from my post on the “John M. Berardi Comeback Specail” thread. You disgust me to the point of wanting to be involved in some heavy petting and possibly spooning.

MBE: “Thiscrasephul. Say it 5x fast. Since 1911.”

I’d most likely feel like slapping the person, but I’d then remember that I once too didn’t know jack about training. So, I’d then send them an article series that I wrote that covers all the basic along with some not so basic concepts to get them started.

The other approach would be to ask them a few questions, such as “How many meals a day do you eat?” “How many calories do you ingest daily?” “How much protein do you consume daily?” They most likely wont be able to answer these questions, so then I’ll send them the article series.


What post are you all exactly talking about?

And Mufasa…where the hell you been man! i haven’t seen you in like a few monthes , maybe it was just me but I havent seen your name in a long time…!


Well, Lion King, I’ve been trying to shout out to you for months, my man…And, now, you put my dog J-Rule and myself on a podium. That’s why I love ya, Lion King. You’re always thinking of your T-Family.

Now, if you ever go on a hiatus like that again, I’m going to have to become the King of the Jungle and banish you! Nah, never.

Anyway, even through all my trials and tribulations, I would never, ever label myself a hardgainer. I knew it was just a matter of overcoming some psychological fears and obsessions, and doing as much work with the fork as I did in the gym.

I definitely agree with J-Rule. After overcoming my initial temper tantrum (that I’d kindly hold inside), I’d gladly offer the individual the T-Mag URL. That’s where it starts. In addition, if I noticed zest and passion, I’d likely take the youngster under my wing. He’d have to trust me and be committed though.

I’m glad you brought this up, Lion King, as I’ve been meaning to write some basic nutritional articles/newsletters for those new to the game. This stimulates me further.

I would like to change the title of the thread to Welcome Back, Lion King!

Thanks, guys!

Boy…talk about a CRAZY set of events…

At just about the time that the Forums underwent the “Big Change”…work got real busy (no complaints, ESPECIALLY at a time when people are being layed off!)…there were a number of personal things to deal with (nothing bad…more of “getting the house in order”)…blah, blah, blah…things just got real hectic at a time when the Forum (s) were undergoing a “shakedown” and everybody was getting used to the new format…

It’s good to be back posting…and one of the first things I noticed were the Pics Joel and Timbo posted on the Photo Forum…and I said in my best Timbo Venacular…“DAYUM! These brothers have been STICKIN’ it, baby…!”

There are a LOT of new names and faces…but I have to tell you…“Testosterone” seems to take on a new “spirit” with each reincarnation it undergos…

So…poohbaya…Zev…Timbo…Patricia…all you guys who wished me back…

The Lion was never really far from the Den…!


Well, Lion King, I can’t say that I could be much happier knowing that you’re back and that the reason for your brief hiatus was nothing to be concerned over.

I really look forward to having you and your genuine and articulate posts around!


I tried to post something to this effect earlier, but for some reason it seems it didn’t take. Anyway, I sincerely apologize for “ganking” your “shizzle”, if indeed I did. The truth of the matter is, you’ve so thoroughly weasled your way into my head that I now have trouble differentiating original thoughts from those that are merely derivative of yours. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where I have trouble differentiating you and me entirely. Surely that explains why I fancy myself such a sexy bitch every time I catch my reflection in the mirror these days.

I like to add my own voice to the love fest. If I started listing all who have helped me in the “Diet Journey” It would look like a listing of who’s who in the Dog pound. Special thanks to Timbo, TT, and Brother Joel.

Good to have you back then Mufasa. I love your threads man.