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Joe 'You Lie' Wilson is a Hypocrite


It seems Joe "You Lie" Wilson is exemplifying the epitome of hypocrite.

In 2003 Joe voted with Bush to give health care to illegal immigrants in the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003. Section 1011 of the bill specifically states: "SEC. 1011. FEDERAL REIMBURSEMENT OF EMERGENCY HEALTH SERVICES FURNISHED TO UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS."


Scroll down to 1011 to read further.

In July 2009, Joe introduced legislation to keep an illegal immigrant in the country.

When Joe Wilson yelled "you lied" at President Obama, it was actually joe Wilson that was lying.


Additionally, the fact is illegals are already covered in hospitals. See section 1011 of H.R. 1 above.

It seems Joe Wilson is against Government run health care for everyone but himself and his family:

Cut the man some slack. He's passionate! I know this because he told me, in the sole message that blazes across his campaign Web site: JOE WILSON IS PASSIONATE ABOUT STOPPING GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE!

Except that he's not at least not when it comes to his, and his family's, government-run health care. As a retired Army National Guard colonel, Wilson gets a lot of benefits (one of which, apparently, was not a full appreciation of the customs, traditions, and courtesies that mandate respect for one's commander in chief). And with four sons in the armed services, the entire Wilson brood has enjoyed multiple generations of free military medical coverage, known as Tricare."


If that is not enough, "He voted to cut veterans? benefits not his own to make room for President George W. Bush's tax cuts. He repeatedly voted for budgets that slashed funding to the Veterans Administration and TRICARE. And perhaps most bizarrely, he refused repeatedly to approve Democratic-led initiatives that would have extended TRICARE coverage to all reservists and National Guard members, even though a disproportionate number of them have served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and many lost access to their civilian work benefits when they did so."

There's one other notable exception to Wilson's tough-on-government record: In July, when the health-insurance debate just started heating up, he offered an amendment that would exempt TRICARE from any system of employer mandates in a health-care bill.


If all this is unspun fact (I haven't checked) then Joe Wilson is lowlife opportunistic hypocrite.


Wilson is not and never has been a compelling political figure - he just happened to blurt out a comment during a Presidential address. No doubt is yelling out was pure political opportunism - and it worked to a certain extent.

That said, at least it's fun to see who the next target of the "Derangement Syndrome" is. And, even more importantly, none of the above informs us whether Wilson was correct or not when he said the President was lying.


He was correct in the fact that the President wants to grant amnesty and then the illegals would be legal and covered by his ridiculous plan.




Much of what Pete mentioned is true.


Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.



What are the verification procedures they're requiring?


That must be the part they fixed after Wilson called him on it.


Sloth is right, that was the whole reason behind the shout. Illegals were counting on not having their legal status checked, haven't you heard La Raza screaming about it?


Hasn't the Supreme court ruled that a privilege that you give to one class you have to give to all?

I think there was a case out in California where they tried to make it so the illegals couldn't get welfare, hud, and all that other crap. Supreme court said that it was unconstitutional.

So really any public option or anything like that will support illegals no matter what they write in the bills.


Verification is a law enforcement issue, not a determinant on the veracity of the claims that illegals will not be covered. I think the easiest way would be to deny payment of claims to any hospital that failed to adequately vet the patient. Of course, that means if a true citizen wants emergency treatment then we better get RFID implants or never travel without our papers.

On the original topic, while I think Wilson knew what he was doing and chose to be a douche - emotional outburst my ass - I would be outright shocked if anyone could find a representative on either side of the aisle, who has served under multiple administrations, whose record isn't full of instances of "I voted for it before I voted against it"


He's going to grant them all amnesty. Then they won't be illegal. Obama is a lawyer. You need to be cautious when he is speaking about issues like this.


I was under the impression that verification is now going in, after the Wilson outburst.

Edit: Hold up, where is emergency treatment being changed? I'm under the impression we're talking about participation in a public option.


I think you are referring to Prop 187, which would eliminate welfare, education, and government assistance to illegal aliens. It was voted on and passed by like 70%, then some judge overturned it. There is another prop trying to be put on the ballot called the California Taxpayer Protection Act, which is basically the same thing. It would also eliminate Birthright Citizenship those born in California. This bill has passed in 5 states already, Arizona, Oklahoma, Colorado, Georgia, and Idaho. The bill has been challenged in Oklahoma, all the way to the Federal Appeals Court and been upheld, and this legislation has been after that. For those who want to take a peek and sign, look here...



That "douche" got Obama to backpedal and instill the verification mechanism, which was not in the bill beforehand. Who is the real douche, the guy who shouts you lie, or the guy addressing millions of people on national TV and willingly not disclose the full truth. Did he lie? Technically no, but we all know that the devil is in the details, and he did omit some very important information. THAT is uber-douche, like a sparkly hat and belt.


He was right and not a hypocrite. The bill was amended immediately after the outburst. Have your facts straight.

This is like ACORN, once caught and made public, NOW they have have employees coming forward about calling the police. lol. Whatever.

This administration is and will be in backpedal mode


It doesn't matter what the bill that comes out says. As long as it does not specifically forbid illegals from obtaining healthcare the court will rule in their favor just like they did with education in the 80's. This is what the left is counting on.


Obama, a former con law professor, knows well that this provision may not hold up under an Equal Protection challenge on the basis of discrimination against alienage (intermediate scrutiny instead of rational basis), so the question is far from settled.

Not surprisingly, once again, you have no idea what you are talking about.


They (illegals) should be reminded of that when they call the American public cruel and heartless. Shit, if you go to where I am from and you are illegal, they will fine you, arrest you, throw you out on your ass with your kids, and wish you a long walk off a short bridge.