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Joe Weider Biopic in the Works


I don’t know how many people have heard the few circulating stories surrounding an actual film in the works about the life of Joe Weider, but I’m curious no doubt. Sure, it’s crossed my mind that not many people outside the sport (that’s fans, not just competitors) even know who he is, but if someone has actually gotten a respectable script, and backing enough for such an undertaking, I’ll go see it.

Of course, there’s the added side note about a certain top Classic Olympia competitor (cough, cough -lol) has been cast as Frank Zane, so I’ll be there on opening night.



Calum von Moger tho. This big enough to have an opening night or more a direct-to-digital/video kinda thing?


This would be direct to VHS. Who would want to see a Joe Weider Bio other than a small percentage of lifters?


That was my initial thought too. Obviously mainstream folk aren’t going to know any of the bodybuilders who are in it by name,… but again, it’s about Weider, and if you consider what he contributed to the publishing industry, essentially creating the supplement game, and so many of the common-place nutrition and training myths… well, I suppose a decently made film could be somewhat entertaining even if you’re not a fan of the sport.



Who in the US didn’t have a leaky plastic set of Weider weights, a wobbly Weider bench, and the cartoon poster of how to do each exercise that came with it?


Weren’t Weider and the IFBB crooked back in the day? If they didn’t like you then you didn’t do well. You had to sign his one sided contracts or you were out. I seem to remember reading that stuff.


It’s funny, and horribly ironic that when the Weiders first came on the scene, Bob Hoffman tried to basically keep them out of the industry. Any athlete who competed in their fledgling federation’s contests was kept out of Hoffman’s long established federation’s events. So if you wanted to compete in anything worthwhile and widely recognized, entering a Weider show was a serious gamble that you would ever be allowed to.

Many years later, the Weiders did their best to crush any possible opposition to their IFBB just as Hoffman had tried to do to them. I’m curious if this aspect of the Weider rise to power will be woven into the film.



Macmahon started his own bodybuilding federation and anybody signing was banned from Weider world.

Side note, visited their Montreal office/warehouse years ago.

Yes, the brothers hailed from Canada.


I remember those WBF shows. You can find footage of some of 'em on YouTube.

Most of those guys never did much in the ifbb after their eventual reinstatement (after paying the Weiders’ crazy “fines”). It’s a shame, some of em had serious potential (Aaron baker anyone?!)



Don’t like Joe Weider at all. I wish I could get a class action lawsuit together with all the young men he scammed with steroid hero marketing into buying supplements, and magazines. Not only did he scam the youth he even failed to pay some of the steroid heroes.One of the biggest shysters around. Fuckin hate him.
I wonder if the film will show how Joe got Robby Robinson to pose for a sculptor. The sculptor did a nice job of Robby’s head and torso, in clay. A while later the sculpture, cast in bronze turned up on display at Weider GHQ. The only difference was that it had Joe’s head sitting where Robby’s should have been. What a human piece of excrement.


You’re pretty much describing how the supplement industry still is today mane.

Count me in lel


I reckon the Weider estate owes me at least a couple of million in pain and suffering.

Nothing against steroid heroes, either. Some of my best heroes are steroid heroes. At least the guy who came up with the T Shirt, “Dianabol, Breakfast of Champions” was telling us no lies. Funny and truthful at the same time.


No steroid heroes anymore mane. Just natty all hard work sponsored brahs (discount code in the description below)




Look same