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Joe the Plumber: I'll Never Cash In


Good for him!

Zero credibility,but that never stopped anyone...



Warren Buffet had no credibility and no money when he started look how that turned out.


So you're saying "Joe" will start supporting Obama soon?


In this country you never know. $ signs change a lot of people.


That's true in any country..




The article suggests he's unemployed and broke. Would that be playing true to form?


Didn't you read the story? He's not cashing in from a major publisher, but rather a smaller publisher.


Warren Buffet didn't write a book about his values after his first stint with media celebrity.


Unemployed, broke, owes taxes and has collected welfare in the past.

The new face of the republican party?


Sounds like a Democrat voter. Strange.


I didn't say anything about how Buffet got where he is I said he had no credibility and no money when he start. Then he built himself up mainly on his own, but with some help.

This guy came from basically no where maybe he'll be rich one day all because he spoke out in 2008.


You aren't politically jaded are you?