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Joe Rogan is a Funny Guy


while some of his shit is just out there, guys like him, Louis CK (he's the best), and old school comedy guys who made you think, well they just kick ass.

Any suggestions for me to check out certain comedy/thinker guys would be great. Carlin, haven't listened to much Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, different but awesome Mitch Hedberg/

any others please list.

this is Rogan at half speed riffing about non-evolution, if we are content to stay a certain way, how it would have been. it's hard to hear at first, listened a few times, each time I laughed more.


if we could link up some funny/thoughtful type skits/stand up that would be sweet. funny for funny is great but i'm hoping for thoughtful shit. some of the best stuff makes you laugh while at the same time think. this is why i dig guys like ck lewis and rogan. sure cook is a thief but i do enjoy his storytelling and physical comedy.


i'm listening to his latest podcast right now lol


He's hilarious. Just love the guy.

Funny how he seems to have a different persona when presenting the UFC fights.


Im a huge Louie CK fan myself, another fave of mine is Jim Norton (he was in Lucky Louie as well)

There are about 4 books in my life which have made me laugh hysterically and he wrote 2 of him, seen him live twice as well...

Happy Endings
I hate your guts


Also cant get enough of Dov Dovidoff


Im also a fan of (not all thinker type comedians but will list them anyway)

Bill Burr
Kevin Hart
Jo Koi
Greg Giraldo (RIP)
Aziz Ansari
Dave Attel
Patton Oswalt
Richard Jeni (RIP)
Brett Ernst
John Caparulo


hope these show


Bill Burr is fantastic, going to see him next week.


Joe Rogan is h.I.l.a.r.I.o.u.s.


I think Louis CK is the best right now, but Mitch Hedberg occupies a special place in my heart.

Hey Cy, since you're an artist, I thought you'd appreciate my Mitch painting... 26 x 36" acrylic on canvas.


thank you for Bill Burr

love my lady but if you've ever been w/ someone for over a decade and not thought "some of this" then you're lying.


nice. mitch also holds a special place in my heart. that guy is on cake! awesome ID.

o.k.....not my intention w/ this thread to get too political but the reason i like joe is a. he's funny as hell, second i like guys who think even if i don't have to agree w/ all of it, i still enjoy the thought process.

two politcal rant based rogan pieces then i'll throw up a mitch.


ID you captured that drug hazed but clarity found smile, the sunglasses and closed eyes perfectly. i love mitch.


I find that ducks opinions of me are very much influenced by whether or not I have bread. - Mitch


Let me preface with this: I have to drive upwards of 600 miles a week, so I listen to a lot of podcasts.

I listen to Joe Rogans podcast every time a new one comes up. If you're not listening to it, you should be. Not all comedy, not all UFC, not all evolution and aliens. It all depends who his guest is for that particular show. Really interesting and entertaining show, I dig Rogans' committment to any project he's doing, and he's very passionate about comedy.

His sidekick "Redban" is growing on me too. Couldn't stand him when the show first started.

Other comedians I dig:

Louis CK - Love the new Louis show and he's a standup beast

Mark Maron - Dig his Podcast "WTF"

Doug Benson - Keeps it light and current, has a fun little podcast called "Doug Loves Movies"

Freddy Lockhart - Pretty damn funny, gets nostalgic about the 80's and 90's as well as old school hip hop. His podcast is called "Whats' Good"

Jay Mohr - His impressions are really good, and he's really quick. Comes off as a cocksucker but his podcast is revealing he's not really that big of a dick... Anymore. It's called "Mohr Stories."

Greg Behrendt - His comedy is waning, but he's the original "Ripped Like Jesus" and "crybaby spiderman" guy. He has a podcast called "walking the room." You can get away with listening to him and his co-host Dave around episode 8 when they finally figured out the audio.

And, believe it or not, Greg Proops. He's an assasin, a straight killer. Knows his way around the English language and is a literal Machine Gun, whether its' ranting about the goverment or knocking down a heckler. He does live podcasts and they're pretty great. It's called "The Smartest Man in the World"




thanks fellas. often as i sit and eat i like to listen to funny/smart comedy. this gives me some new shit to check out. as mentioned, i checked out some bill burr today...very funny.

have a good weekend T-Nation.


I like listening to comedy while I work.

You have a good weekend too, Cy!


He's not as baked when he does UFC lol
Def my favorite stand up artist


His podcast has gotten me through a disgusting number of hours of cardio. I learned to stop listening to it while training when I burst out laughing in the bottom of a safety bar squat and almost couldn't come back up.


Whoever mentioned Patton Oswalt, props to you. He comes up with the most fucked up things to say, but they're hilarious.