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Joe Rogan Experience - Ronnie Coleman


-Ronnie “I squatted 800 for a double, maybe could have done 3 more reps …so went over to leg press and did 2300lbs for 8 reps”

-Rogan’s face = :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

Also massive props as a former officer he didnt apologize or pander to the hysteria/ keeping some perspective on current policing situation.

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Thanks for the post. Would have missed this if it were not posted here .

I was going to post it here as well, but mostly just because of him saying he was .33 percent body fat when competing and would be 3% 10 weeks out around 330.

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I’m guessing that it’s because the body fat calipers aren’t accurate for extremely lean people, although he did mention getting measured in a submersion tank.

I don’t think he even understands much of the jargon associated with bodyfat percentage, or perhaps even the intricacies of gear usage given the total dismissal of logic expressed during the podcast.

He also probably had a whole entourage that supplied him with protocol for usage of gear. He was so great he didn’t even need to know what he was doing or taking.

I hope so anyway, otherwise he must think we’re idiots :laughing:

Regardless, I don’t think any of it matters, I fucking love the guy and he’s a legend. During his prime, if he said he was eating glue before his training sessions, 99% of amateurs would probably start hoarding elmer’s.


“just a little bit of Test and dbol, …no more than a baseball player, yeah buddy” :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :lying_face: :hugs:


Really fun listening to him. Reminds me of my older relatives in North Carolina and Alabama. Uncles and older cousins. Humility. Humor. Common sense.

You couldn’t pay me to live south of the Mason-Dixon line. But I’m grateful to have been raised by two parents who did.

I love Ronnie. I honestly believe he was the most genetically gifted bodybuilder ever. Everyone was using the same stuff back then, and to be completely frank, everyone was rolling the dice with their health during that era.

Haven’t had the time to listen to the whole podcast yet, but when I was still competing I used to love just watching the videos of him going about his day. He just loved being a bodybuilder and more so being Mr. Olympia.



I always thought his Olympia photos never did him justice… I mean, just WTF:


WTF, yeah.2zs1l4i


I liked Joe Rogan’s description: he looks like something that was created to kill the Hulk. That picture fits that description haha


Ronnie is a super cool guy! 1 of a kind genetics, strong, hard worker. I hate that he’s in the physical condition he’s in now. I guess it’s the price you pay to train the way he did.

I’m not even remotely interested in bodybuilding, but Ronnie’s work ethic, great attitude and personality is something I’ve always been attracted too. Certainly things that I took away from him and have always tried to incorporate into my life.

Those pics illustrate

1- how damn good Ronnie was

2- how damn competitive the late 90’s were, because Health and Kai on their best days couldn’t carry Coleman’s gym bag.


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An absolute beast. Currently reading his book - pretty good insight from him though you can tell he isn’t by nature a writer.
He’s been a hard worker since he was a young kid.

I am impressed at how hard he still works in the gym given his physical issues - nothing can stop him from doing what he loves.

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