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Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Check out joe rogan experience #277 with Victor Conte, the BALCO guy, its been out for 3or4 years its almost 3 hours long but it’s filled with info also entertaining. Great listen for a long trip or drive.

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Bob Sapp bought 1 gallon of THG! Wahahahaa!!!

Ronda rousy #168 is good one also.

I listen to him all of the time when driving. Definitely my most listed to podcast by far

The radio station’s in des moines suck, I was at a point where if i heard led Zeppelin or ozzy one more time i was going to explode and thats the modern station. Till i discover podcasts, the one’s with athletes or joey fucking diaz are my favorites. Or when Josh Barnett talks about throwing fights in pride, fighter and the kid , and mark bells powercast are on list make a long drive much easier. I have fell asleep twice watching movie on streaming video, a jre 810 is on you tube now i wish he would have someone explain sarms in english.

I like joe Rogan, he seems genuine and interested in all sorts of things.

However, its often hard to listen to the show.
Many guests are seriously warped individuals, especially his closer friends.

for instance, I wasn’t sure if Duncan Trussel was kind of an act, similar to Borat.
He definitely nailed the granola-smoking, spirituality-signaling, buzzword-remixing, hippiehipster megamoron.
But it wasn’t until i checked out HIS podcast that it dawned on me-
"Unholy shit, he IS trying to be some kind of wise, empathical drugnerd and he’s bloody stupid!"
Similarly, Bryan Callen just seems to be a slicker, flippant version of Rogan.

Also, Rogan himself should really pick up some history books and, you know, actually learn some stuff.
I mean he does seems interested?
It appears like everytime he just listened to a podcast, his mind spilleth over and he HAS to share his mental digestion process of the newlearnt Weltanschauung with his fans.
That is ok, but you could learn even more by reading basic run-of-the-mill history books!
No need to wait for Dan Carlin to present you his version on a particular topic.
Same with other sciences or grand social debates.

If he has cool guests and lets them talk, the show can be really nice.

Im a fan of Rogan, but have a hard time listening to his podcasts. He uses the Eff word way too much, doesnt sound professional.

I subscribed to his podcasts, and had to cancel them.

my $ 0.02

I love his podcast, but just use it as entertainment. I think his ignorance and wild flights of fancy mostly come from smoking too much pot. “When did women get the right to vote? Nineteen…Sixty something? Jamie, look it up for us…”

He’s a stand up comedian remember, sometimes when someone says outrageous shit, it is intended to be funny. I have a lot of the same views, I’m into training , mma, trt, etc. Don’t even get me started on Bigfoot, when i was a boy i was kidnapped from my trailer park, by Bigfoots and forced to mate with a female Bigfoot for days.

How much of PRIDE was real vs fake?

I remember thinking, the very first time I saw Barnett fight, that I could probably beat him. I think he won and it looked like he was throwing the fight.

Getting high, talking about training and sports and history, and letting other people teach you stuff sounds awesome.

Josh mentioned the fight he HAD to throw. I would rather listen to a three hour conversation with a mma fighter. Than cookie cutter interviews with mainstream athletes, entertainers.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure when he gets confused on facts that he’s not joking. But to me it’s part of the entertainment. I also like the fact that he’s the first to admit that he doesn’t know something, or that he might just be talking out of his ass.

I like the podcast format in general, and am sad that I only just got into them 2 years ago.

Go to the list of guests on website than go to iTunes and download the ones you want. If you are on this forum check out #277 on peds in sports Victor Conte.