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Joe Rogan Experience #1391- Tulsi Gabbard & Jocko Willink

Yeah just saw that … probably will listen tomorrow … how was it?

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Just started it. Thought it was a weird combination, guess will see.

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I listened to the whole podcast, I am a total Jocko groupie, and am warming up to Tulsi.

I thought it was a good exchange, Rogan is such a meathead, that he fits right in with these two, and i do NOT mean that in a bad way.

I thought it was worth listening to - my $0.02

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I wish they had gone a little more in-depth on her positions, but it was an enjoyable podcast. I’m also a huge Jocko groupie.

I was disappointed that Jocko and Rogan didn’t talk Jiu Jitsu more.

Have you heard the ones with Danaher, JJ Machado, or Firas Zahabi? Plenty of bjj in those.

Joe has been disappointing me lately. This and the recent game changer rebuttal podcast he’s kinda been looking like a panderer more looking out for his brand than actually calling out bulllshit. I dunno.