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Joe Rogan Experience #1234 - David Sinclair


NMN or NR: 1g in the morning

Resveratol: 500mg - morning

Metformin: 1g before bed. Alternative: Berberine - no prescription needed.

Vitamin D and K2



NMN or NR, Resveratol and Metformin (along with fasting and in general, caloric restriction) slow cell ageing but by mechanisms that also block anabolism. Meanwhile, mTOR synergists raise anabolism but also increase cell ageing rates, so you have to choose the balance point for your life.

IF you are pretty young, I’d probably prefer to live with more muscle for the next 50 years and expect medical breakthroughs to tackle the cell ageing side of the equation down the line, especially since maintaining muscle reduces your chance of more likely causes of death for younger people. Even past the age of 45, if you don’t use hard drugs, smoke or drink alcohol to excess, you are more likely to live longer with more muscle than by preventing cell ageing, heart disease and cancer. If you have naturally good muscular development and don’t need any more, then maybe go for the cell ageing side of the lever.


Did he not suggest taking NAD as well or was it just nmr to increase nad levels?

Also, did you find a reasonably priced source for NMR? Looking online shows that it would be incredibly expensive to take 1 gram per day.