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Joe Paterno Speculation


It looks like “Joe Pa” is going to have another good year.

Over the past few years, with very poor seasons, speculation ran high about his retirement. Now its even HIGHER!

Should he retire on a positive note?

I would love to see that…



No Paterno fans?


Retire?! Why? The man obviously can’t die, he’s over 10,000 years old! And with those glasses must be able to spot the nachos guy in the upper deck.

I would love to seem him go out on top with a BCS Bowl win, but I believe he will stay until his health fails.


That is what I hope he doesn’t do…or has to retire after a dismal season…


JoePa will never be forced to retire. This season has bought him a lot of leeway if he does stick around and has some bad seasons.

No matter how he finishes his career he will always be thought of as a class act.

I can’t see him enjoying retirement as much as he enjoys coaching.

Agree again, Zap…

To Penn State’s credit, when JoePa was down, he was not “asked” to retire; nor was there any undo pressure put on him that he didn’t put on himself.

(This weekend with Michigan State should be a good one…)

I’m happy for Paterno and the year he is having.


Question for those in the know:

Did Penn State have much of a Football Tradition PRIOR to Paterno?


A bit of insider info on Paterno:

Having played for him from 2001-2004, I got to hear first-hand his comments on retirement. Following the 2003 season, he spoke at length in a team meeting about how his heart wasn’t into it, and how that’s what contributed to the losing season. He then went on to say that he would give 2004 a try with his full heart and effort, and if that season didn’t work out, he would retire.

Obviously, he didn’t stay true to that statement, as 2004 was a horrendous season, yet he didn’t go anywhere. I believe he simply saw promise in the defense as well as recruiting, and decided to give it at least one more year.

My personal feeling is that he will wait to go out on a high note, whether that would be this season, or a National Championship, will remain to be seen.

As for Penn State prior to Paterno, They had some success, going 104-48 from 1950-65 under coach Rip Engle. Before him, results were scattered under a lot of different coaches, but going way back, they did win national championships in 1911 and 1912 under Bill Hollenback, although that’s probably more history than you care to know…

Great stuff, bauer!

Thanks for the information!

There are two winners that I think that their die-hard fans would like to see retire on a winning note:

  1. JoePa

  2. Ronnie Coleman

(Two more Olympias; one to BREAK Haney’s record, and perhaps another for and even 10).

That would be way cool!


Well the BCS bowl won’t happen this year guys sorry. I have this feeling that MIchigan State will pull an upset and Ohio State will win the big ten. I really think that OSU is the better team. If they had played at home it would have been a convincing win. I admit they have a great home field advantage, but the difference in the Ohio state game was a few late flukes :frowning: Go buckeye’s!!! Kick wolverine ass


Is that you in your avatar?

Lookin’ “Large-and-in-Charge”, Brother!

(What position did you play?)


[quote]Mufasa wrote:

Is that you in your avatar?

Lookin’ “Large-and-in-Charge”, Brother!

(What position did you play?)


Yeah, that’s me, freshman year (2001) going into my first game against Miami. I was about 255 there, and around 270 now. I played Defensive End, thanks for the compliment Mufasa!

Looks like a share of the Big10 title is JoePa’s!

Congratulations to Coach Paterno!