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Joe Paterno is Dying



So I guess its come down to this. It was inevitable. How does it make you feel?


He's old. Old people die. And he kind of looked the other way on some shady stuff. So fuck him.

P.S he died like an hour ago.




he's not dead

Paterno family spokesman Dan McGinn tells the AP that reports of former Penn State coach's death are 'not true'



It's a God damn shame. It's too bad he has to go out on such a sour note.



sucks (not boys weiners)


Apparently theyve pronounced him twice tonight if the reports i read are true and hes still alive


Ok NOW it looks like hes gone.


Honestly,I feel terrible for the guy. He had a great legacy only for it to be tainted by actions by the real monster. I hope the animals that were gunning for him feel horrible about pushing him towards death. These people oughta take a good,hard look at themselves.


It's his own fault he died of lung cancer. Yeah, I feel sad for his family and friends, but HE smoked the cigarettes that caused his cancer.

I wonder how sad some of you would be if Pres. Obama died of lung cancer.