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Joe Millionare

Did you hear the rumor that Joe Millionare might really truely be a millionare. I thought it was funny. Don’t care for the show though.

Well I’m sure he’s somewhat loaded after the show. He didn’t do it for free, he probably got a pretty hefty pay check 500k+???

well that just takes all the damn fun out of it. if he actually has money, then the beeyotch wont get the rude awakening of realizing he is broke…

Or Fox could be pulling the wool over the viewers’ eyes instead of the ladies. Maybe he’ll tell them he’s poor and see their reaction for a while before he reveals that he’s really loaded. Or maybe not…

piss on that. they can suck me sideways if they pull that.

My personal opinion is that at the end of the show, when the girl has decided to dump him or stay with him for his money, fox will give him a million dollars. That way it can be a “piss on the girl for only thinking about money”, or it could reward her for so called “true love”. I think that is the only way FOX can truly justify what they are doing.

I find it hard to believe he only makes 19,000 a year if he is operating heavy machinery. This is especially true if he is union.

I’ve only seen snippets of the show but he struck me as too well-spoken and… well… “cultured”, to settle for a manual labor job making crap money. You can always clean a person up and put them in a beautiful setting but that doesn’t explain his mannerisms. I’m thinking something’s up.

Actually the guys a total bag of chips. Ok I’m ashamed to admit I watch the show and am a “reality show” fan. The guy is totally uncultured, and inarticulate. Before the show they sent him for classes on how to act and look wealthy. I don’t know how long he took the classes, but it wasn’t long enough. Some of the girls (who are all bimbo’s) are actually starting to comment on the fact that he’s a bit of a mimbo. The whole show is such a sick idea…I love it.

Magnus is right: the guy has as much charm as a brick. Also, Evan Marriott (as in, the same name as the hotel chain), admits that his hourly wage is/was $26 an hour and that his $19,000 yearly gross was due to not very much to do in the area of construction after 9/11. We watched the first ep, saw that the women weren’t ahem attractive (some ugly ones in that bunch) and Evan was a dolt.

I run across a couple rumors about that guy. First I’ve read that he has enrolled himself at some pro-wrestling training school and wants to train to become a wrestler. Second I heard that he is an aspiring actor, and had done underwear modeling and some scenes on a few daytime soap operas. I’m pretty sure I heard that one from my girlfriend’s roommates.

I hate to say it but REALITY SHOWS SUCK! Im all for people being able to do whatever they want but these shows are terrible. On a side note, my girlfriend knew one of the girls that got kicked off last week. They judged pageants together.

From what I have seen he has the iq of a gumball machine…minus the gumballs. But then I haven’t watched the show. It truely is stupid though now that I think of it. Even if fox doesn’t give him a dime and he truely makes 19000 a year(must be 19000 american and not canadian hehehe) he will be able to make a huge fortune on tv commercials…“his tell all book” and all other shit so it’s a total rip off. I want a reality show called “Beat the shit out of crooked Politicians”. Basically an angry mob just runs into “Politician BLANKs” house and gives him a good lynching. That or hot naked chics. Light bulb Hot Naked Chics beat the shit out of Crooked Politicians. I’m a fucking genius. Bows Yay me. :wink:

That dude is David Puddy in the flesh. “Yeah, that’s right.”