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Joe McCarthy


Is the Republican Party using tactics from Joe McCarthy?


For someone so vehemently for big government you seem to have a lot of problems with people in government.


You're all a bunch of America-hating communist liberal gay terrorists.


I not for a big Gov. I am for a Gov that will take the people over big money


See? you do not understand. When his party comes to power it will be all Unicorns and Rainbows.





You really think obama's policies are for people over big business?


And I want a unicorn.

Since I might not get one I settle for a more realistic option.

Hey, here is 1 million for your campaign and if you do not spend it all you can keep the rest. On the other hand there are "the people". I wonder who will get what he needs?


More so than the Republican policies




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What the hell are you talking about?

The GOP is out of power.

And you would do well to stay abreast of current events - elected Demcorats are the ones lambasting critics of the health care plan as "un-American" and who were recently collecting information on anyone spreading "fishy" disinformation.

You want a bona fide McCarthy comparison, you got one - you just picked the wrong party.


He seems to not understand this stuff.


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Yeah he was like right and stuff, you know.. Only in Amnerica is that bad.


Can you give me an example please?

This is like me posting the following:

Is Pittbull a pinko commie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communism


I am beginning to think he is the world's only living brain donor.



Which particular accusations were vindicated?


I think both parties do this. When your political platform doesn't actually serve the people, you are forced to resort to such tactics. It happened during the Bush years when there was dissent over the Iraq war, and it's happening now over the health care bill.


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