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Joe Kiesel: New Bench Press Record


After watching Dr. Nerenberg's world record power shrugs, my whole notion of what humans are capable of achieving was shattered into pieces. Then I saw this.

First Benni's 1015 pull, now this 720 raw bench. Truly anything is possible when one puts one's mind to it.


is the guy in the video srs?

if so, i am blown away at the amount of ppl encouraging that kind of behavior


Was posted in SRC thread long time ago

Guy's off his rocker


sucks man


He forgot to shout "NEW WORLD RECORD!" when he was done.


Why isn't anyone around him laughing? I probably would have laughed at him.


What is the significance of this?

I don't get it.


This guy is joking. C'mon guys. He's not being srsly


If he did it with free weights I'd give a shit lol


Please tell me he's joking and the other people in the vid are part of it. Please.




You want people to tell you.. again?


Please tell me they are not joking because if they are it ruins everything.


'Bout the same ROM and form I see at the gym every day. He'd fit right in with the idiots in Norwich.


That guy wins at comb overs.


like he said ^ ...spotters?




The problem is I think he is serious.


Who's this guy Professor X?


A+, would read again.