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Joe Gold Rolling Over in his Grave.




Bet Joe Gold didnt imagine this when he sold the franchies name.


The world is changing, for the worse.


Hope he is still Resting in Peace


Stuff like this really gets me thinking if I really wanna joing the Gold's they're opening over here.


There are still plenty of Gold's around that haven't gone all Planet Fitness pizza day special.


See, this is why I lift stark raving nude in my garage. I'd get raped in the asshole inside of two minutes if I tried that shit at Gold's. Goddamnit, what is this country coming to.


NNNNNOOOOOO, stop. Do you mow the grass nude?


No, but I squat ass-to-grass nude.


So where can a guy go for real muscleheads lifiting real weights?

<-- Look at me. I'm probably the smallest guy on this site. But I out work most of the gigantic d-bags in my gym. Where could I go for some real weights and inspiration?

And honestly, I couldn't even make it through that second video. Fucking horrible.


Go to Push's house, isnt everything in Montana like 4 hours away anyway? :slight_smile:


Some franchise gyms suck. A lot don't.

It's location dependent.


More like Balls to floor.


I lift at Golds in SD... Unfortunately it is not very hardcore BUT there is a separate outdoor gym with big old school pictures of BBers all around... and you can lift shirtless if you want. Thats kinda cool


Depressing as hell.


Manchester NH Golds has pizza one day a week, the guy said, its Healthy.
I said its PIZZA.


is the pizza free?


I've had some very healthy pizza.

My 24Hour affiliate here in Taiwan was recently bought out by World Gym. It's still a den of wierdness and sissyness and dumbbells all over the floor and grown men walking on the treadmill at 1.8kph.


..... pondering the daily drive 2hrs each way to work out...



All photoshop, son!


Yeah, this.

The Gold's I work at kicks ass.