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Joe Frazier RIP




Guys like this seem like superheroes to me....





Truly sad but at the same time not surprising for a guy who spent the better part of his adult life getting the crap beaten out of him. The Thrilla in Manila is the single greatest boxing fight of all time and it took years of life away from both men.





Great memorial video from ESPN:



Yeah, I heard he was in a bad way this past week. RIP. He was my favorite boxer of all time.


I'm pretty sure cancer doesn't have too much to do with taking a beating.




Haven't watched it yet, but it'll be a good hour spent.


One of the greatest of all time, without him you don't have the rivalry with Ali...him and Ali were the Bird and Johnson of boxing. Because of them you had the beginnings of prime time fights, eventually pay-for-view at arena's all over the country......absolute magical time for those who loved boxing and now appreciate it's history.

Also, in my humble opinion Frazier part of one of the greatest sports calls in History, every time I hear it, it magically takes me back in time.............Howard Cosell in his most unique voice and delivery......


RIP Joe, you've gone down for the last time, now you can enjoy the other side......


I've been sitting back all day saying to myself, "Wait for it...wait for it..." And then, Irish arrives!! Folks always gotta try to act smarter than they think they are...


Ha. I started my own thread in the combat forum about this.

Frazier is one of my all time favorites. Devastating news for the boxing community.


I feel empty today because of his death.


My brothers called him the Bull Dog, because the man was short stocky and could push the biggest Man backwards with crosses.
Still the only man to put my Hero on his ass when he was still called the Greatest.


Tumours are the formation of damaged cells that grow and mutate at an abdnormal rate. So technically anything that causes sustained damage can be attributed towards this. I.e. Intense sunlight exposure - skin cancer, kicking in the balls - tescticular cancer etc.

However it is highly unlikley that the "beating" he recieved can be attributed towards cancer. Now a days cancer is sadly a common illness that a lot of normal people have, not merely those who push their bodys to the limits.

And on a last note - RIP, a true legend.


I never said it was?

I'm talking about how the average life expectancy of a guy like him is much less than that of the average man on the street. It doesn't matter how he died, the fact he lived to 67 is a feat in itself.