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Joe D's New Program


Anybody read this? Could be interesting...

Taken from Joe Defranco's Q&A from 9/13

"...The good news is that the reason I'm not going to slap together some quick template for this Q&A is because for the past 6 months, we've been creating and testing an extremely simple, practical and EFFECTIVE system of training for people just like YOU! The masses have spoken and we have listened! Basically, I think we've created a system of training that will do for washed-up meatheads what Westside for Skinny Bastards did for athletes! I know that's a bold statement, but trust me, the dudes that have been on this program have transformed their physiques. Without giving away too much, this system entails training only 3 days a week, it builds muscle while melting fat, and the main template does NOT require ANY "special" equipment! As long as you have access to the "basics" at your gym, you can do this program!

OK, so there you have it. I have "dangled the carrott stick" in front of you. I didn't do this to tease you or piss you off...I gave you this little "teaser" to let you know that there is help on the way...and it's coming SOON! I finally feel comfortable talking about this project because we are now only 30-60 days away from having a completed program.

Anyone looking to gain muscle, lose fat and feel like an athlete again (without living in the gym) is going to love our "Built like a Badass" program!"


I've always liked Joe DeFranco. I had good success using the old ws4sb routines. I'm interested to see what he has to offer now.


I wonder if this is the new e-book he is coming out with or something diffrent?

I am excited to see what is it like.


People around here are going to say its crap, because if its 3x per week, then its probably TBT. But im very excited about this, thanks for posting.


Some more info...

"Our "Built like a Badass" Program is a completely different animal from our WS4SB Template. Don't get me wrong, there are definite similarities between the two programs, but I would categorize the "Badass" Program as a 'distant cousin' of WS4SB, not a 'twin brother'. The "Badass" Program is basically geared towards "washed-up meatheads" who want to look muscular and athletic, without living in the gym. The way we developed this program was inspired by the physiques of UFC fighters, NFL running backs/wide receivers and Olympic sprinters. All these athletes possess very lean, muscular physiques, without performing "bodybuilding-type" routines in the weightroom. The goal of our "Badass" Program is to bring the "athletic" look back to the washed-up meathead/Average Joe community!

I gotta tell you; I haven't been this excited about a program since I published the original "Westside for Skinny Bastards" article. When I decided to write that article, I knew it would be much more than just another article/training program. Although training programs and fitness fads come and go, I knew the WS4SB Program was going to stick around for a long time for three main reasons:

1 - It was tested on thousands of REAL athletes for years before I decided to publish the article

2 - It was simple to understand & PRACTICAL

3 - The program WORKED!

Our "Badass" Program also fulfills the "Big 3" that I've listed above...with the exception that it is even more practical due to the fact that every single exercise in the program can be performed at even the most average of gyms!

Now you may be saying to yourself, "Aren't all articles and training programs tested before they're published? Don't all programs work? After all, why would someone publish a workout that he/she isn't sure if it works or not?"

Most people would be shocked if they knew how much bullshit there is out there! Trust me, I know first-hand about a bunch of "big names" in this industry who don't train anybody, yet every couple of weeks, they are coming out with new programs and articles that make outrageous claims! This is one (of many) things in the "fitness industry" that drives me nuts!!

I feel comfortable saying that we train more people per square inch than 99.9% of the gyms out there. With our volume of people comes a lot of experimentation and experience. Like our WS4SB Program, our "Badass" Program was tested and re-tested before we scratched our heads and said, "Damn, we have something here...this system is pretty damn effective for everyone who tries it!"

I appologize for going on a tangent; but I wanted to share with everyone why I'm so pumped about this program. I also wanted to assure everyone that we are working our asses off in order to get this ebook done as quickly as possible. FYI, this is the main reason that I haven't updated the blog as often as i would like during the past couple of weeks; I've been spending my "free time" working on different aspects of the ebook. I can't give an exact date as to when the ebook will be for sale, but I will tell you that we are getting very close.

Oh yeah, as of right now, it looks like we will be providing some sample meal plans in the ebook.....and I DO plan on doing a lot more "quick" Q&A's on this blog once the "Badass" ebook is completed. I received a lot of positive feedback about my last (quick) Q&A."


Joe D's usually a no bullshit kinda guy. I don't buy e-books from fitness "gurus", but I'll have to reconsider that for this one.


but then the Average Joe will say "it's just too intense".


WS4SB III was great, I'll certainly give this a try


Yeah, that seems to be the new trend around here.

WSFSB3 with the speed template is also only 3 days a week of weights...and it works like a charm GASP!

Eitherway different people have different goals. I'm in my mid 20's, I like lifting weights and sporting a nice physique but I also want to be able to move efficiently, be quick on my feet, play sports without too much hinder of my body. With the little time I have, I'm not going to be in the weight room 6-7 days a week, focussing on building as much muscle as I can.

But the 3-4 days that I am, the intensity will be there.


Joe posted many video in the last few days of exercices that i think will be part of the new program..I cant wait!! 3 days a week and intensity is something a 34years old like me (busy work,life) can do and im sure it will be intense!!


Just saw this today, looks interesting as I just started a cut well see what this has to offer.


He looks like CT question is whos bigger?


paying for programs sucks... i liked it better when he was still gaining popularity and shared the wealth for free

that being said, I hope it lives up to the hype. Sounds like it could have some fun aspects to it.


From what I hear this program will be more similar to an combat athlete/martial artist type of program a.k.a more metabolic conditioning unlike his WSFSB program which focus more on football and other sports where conditioning is not as important or can be somewhat harmful.


It does seem that way. Below is from his web site. It seems that the last part of your workout will be complex or something similar in nature.

"And when I refer to having "go" to go along with your "show", I'm not just referring to strength. We provide some unique "finishers" at the end of each workout that will take your conditioning beyond what it was back in your "playing days"! And one thing's for sure --- you will never be bored during the conditioning portions of this program! Our "BeZercher Barbell Complex" is just one example to back up my statement..."


From the logs of his athletes on elitefts it looks like its using some 5/3/1 principles


Never thought about looking thru the logs at elitefts.

Came across this, maybe more of a hint of what the workouts will consist of.



Interesting 3 day program. Joe D usually has decent stuff. Too bad he's charging for this...I guess the economy is taking a toll on everyone!


How much do you guys think he's gonna charge for this? If its around $30 i'll get it.

At first I wasn't interested, becaues im already doing a variation of westside similar to WS4SB but without a lot of the athlete specific stuff, but just seeing 2-days of Joe D's log is pretty inspiring.

Seeing a heavier guy being able to do 30+ pullups and 80+ pushups is pretty impressive. And his physique shows it.

But, I saw the article on his site about 22 things about being a badass, and the running, jumping, and jump roping kinda turned me off. I'd much rather pull a sled, and have no need to jump.

Either way, I cant wait to check this out. WS4SB has been a great program and "Bad Ass" seems like it could be even better for us non-athletes.

***Do you guys know if this program is only going to be 3x per week, or if there will be any 4-5 day variations?


Can you imagine if Joe D and Ross from Rossboxing teamed up? That would be a crazy ass program.

I hope this program isn't all about conditioning though. I have no need for the MMA type of conditioning and that will just keep me small and weak. But seeing as Joe D increased his bench on the program it looks like its possible.