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Joe Defranco's stuff is awsome!

Hey I just wanted to say that his site is kickass and his 6 week vertical program + his upper program on t-mag were just awsome, i have made the bst gains of my life vertically and massvise.As i was in basketball practise after a month layoff everybody would ask me if i had been lifting in the mantime, isaid yea why?everybody said that i got a lot bigger.the thing is that i actually lost like 3 or 4 lbs but look alot bigger.Not i know everything can be made with good diet rest and super intense training.If you read this Mr.Defranco, can you please tell me how i can contact you? I live in germany, i want to become a pro prospect here with the help of yours strengthtrainig wise.If it is possible,could you design a fulldeatailed program for me for an affordable price?I?m 17 6?2 and 183lbs.My vertical is about 30 inches and im working on my basketball skills allday everyday( i try not to overtrain tho)
I really hope you read this and write back and everybodys else comments are alos appreciated.
Thanks and Regards

Just go to his website and contact him through there. He has an email addres and a phone number.

As everyone here knows i co-sign Joe D. all the time. I train with him and am one of his well known disciples…Keep your eyes and ears open, anything he is doing is cutting edge. I learn new things everyday being around this man, he is a genuis when it comes to training…nuff said…TMABES

Damn!I wish i would have lived in his area!

@tmabes: Are you playing for a team?
whats your age?Can you tell someof your firsthand experiences with Mr.Defranco?Thanks

PS: I email him a few times, he did not answer them.

Bump for Joe’s stuff. If you’re an athlete you gotta try him.

I’m turing 26 next week. I’ve been training with Joe since college. I played D1 football (tightend). I had a bunch of workouts with pro teams but nothing ever really panned out. I had tons of injuries including a fractued spine and 4 ruptured discs… I am in great shape know and train with Joe all the time, couple times a week.I know for a fact he returns all e-mails he recieves , but it could take a while. He so busy he barely has time to sleep… Maybe try again…Good luck

Hey what happened did you finsih college? Do you know hwo foreign basketballplayers could get a scholarship for college?i don?t know if i i??m good enough but im working very hard.
When you see Mr. defranco again this or the next weeks, could you tell him about me?That would be awsome!

yo mto all i can say is work hard and everything will fall in placw…give me some of your info…

Which info do you need?
As i said I?m 17years old 6?2 and 183 lbs.My vertical jump is around 30 inches.My maxsquat was 250 a year ago, i dont know what it is now.My maxbench was 180(i know don?t laugh)I have basketball practise twice a week right now(early offseason) and we can play pickupgames once a week said the coach.Mon and Fri is practise(very intense) Wed(optional pickupgames).
I work on my skills like ballhandling and shootin form everday 1 to 2 hours depending on how strained I am form the workouts and practises.Do you need other infos for Mr.defranco, I have tought i should a pic, so you can see how I?m build(this is by no means a show off and don?t want anyone to blame me for posting it, its just for fun)

This pic was at the end of an intens eupper workout, my arm is flexed tho, and im almost fainting.lol

Thanks bro, i will see Defranco later today. I’ll hit you up later to let you know what he says…

Following DeFrancos workouts and excercise selection has turned my 8th grade son into an animal. Last year he never placed better than 3rd place in any Track event, he was a 2nd string running back, and he was the 6th man on his basketball team, This year, he has had two track meets so far 8 events= 8 1st place medals, Started at running back gained 992 yards and 12 TDs, started on the basketball team and was 2nd leading scorer in our District. People have been asking me what he has been doing, I just tell them training hard. deFranco is a genious! Thank You Joe DeFranco. We have also emailed him to see about visiting him this summer to get some one on one time, hope he’s not to busy. What would someone expect to pay for a couple of weeks worth of Training to get a personalized training regimen?

now this emphasizes Defrancos knowledge again!Awsem stroy piper!
I would love to play professional and im sure Joe Defranco can make me a better athlete!
Congrats to you and your son!

Piper1, if your son was a starter in a texas HS, you know he’ll be a good one!
COngrats to him on his accomplishments!

hey piper
where did you get your info on Degranco’s training? i only ask because ive read over his site in its entirety (more than once) and his articles for t-mag and that only makes 2 programs… his verticle one and the training economy one. Did you just apply his theories and various advice to a training split or did you come across a book or program i haves seen yet?

just curious.

You are right about Texas High School Sports, we moved here two years ago from Denver, I went to High School in California, nothing compares to Texas High School Football, they take it serious here, it was pretty overwhelming at first. Iknow there are some great High School programs in other places, but as a whole state, I don’t think anyplace compares to Texas.

Westside all da way.
Defranco is not cutting edge Louie Simmons has been preaching that type of shit for years. Only difference is Louie works with Powerlifter and Joe works with athletes.


You are right but Defranco does not use the typical westside program,He incooperates more 1leg and felxibility work.

Most the westside guys stretch if they feel it’s warranted. And powerlifting takes place on two legs.

Hey tmabes, how the workout?

yo mtodog sorry ive been mia for a while, but i gotta eat bro. I got alot of expesive habits so ive been working my ass off. Hopefully by now u have read defrancos vert article 10 times. keep up in this direction and stay on t-mag and get as much info as you can…Its a great source. Alot of guys here know what they are talking about. AND DEF KEEP YOUR EYES ON DEFRANCOS SITE. But give him some time he is only on man! I;m not guru nor do i have any degrees in this field. But i tell ya what i’ve learned alot from training with joe throughout the years…THIS GUY IS ALWAYS LEARNING NEW STuff…keep on working hard and keep me posted…good luck…