Joe Defrancos 'Strong' DVD

Just recieved my copy last night and after my gym session sat down and watched it and at first wasn’t really sure what to expect but WOW what a dvd and an incredible setup they have there. Would kill to spend some time training there and with the guys who work out there, if you want to know intensity watch this DVD, i now know my our intensity needs to be stepped up to reach my goals. my only one gripe is it could of been longer! but hey you cant have it all

any one else seen it?? what did you think??


I have it. It was inspirational, yeah, but I’m still disappointed I spent like $30 with shipping for an hour flick. It’ll definitely get you pumped to lift though.

P.S. If anyone wants to watch it and buy it off me I’ll sell it for $20 including shipping. Send me a PM.

Yah it was good but too short. Glad I saved thirty bucks by switching to torrents.