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Joe Defranco's New Gym


I heard Joe Defranco opened his new facility today. Has anybody seen it or heard any news on how the first day went?


There are pics on elitefts.com


I'll have pics posted on my site next Friday (September, 16). I haven't received all of my equipment yet. When I get everything, I'll take some better pics and put them on my site. The place kicks ass! I'm pumped.
Joe D.


Can't wait to see it. Wish you had a gym here in the DC/NoVA area...


Congratulations Joe! I heard that it has an indoor full-size Football field, is on 8-acres and is basically a one-stop-shop for all your athletic needs! You definitely deserve it, nice work!


I was at his new facility on this past Saturday. He does not have a full size football field and it is not on 8 acres of land. However, it is an AWESOME place.


Does anyone know if Defranco's gym is private (personal training only) or do they offer memberships? Need a gym exaclty like that in N. Jersey


You need to be one of his athletes I believe.


Yikes! Another, huge, strong, intellegent guy who adds strongman implements into his training!

Hmmmm, maybe there IS something to all this GPP stuff!

Great work Joe! You are an inspiration.