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Joe DeFranco

I posted this on the cf board as well where i post more often. but for most who don’t know me here, my bro kicks for a D1 football program and we went to see joe yesterday…

My brother and I went to Joe’s facility yesterday to meet with him and talk about training plans for the summer. He came across very knowledgeable and his energy and enthusiasm for strength training is undeniable. My brother is not a big fan of the weight room and doesn’t like strength coaches in general because he thinks they’re unnecessarily overwhelming. He walked out of this meeting with Joe very happy and extremely excited about his summer training. And even though my brother occasionally works with a kicking coach at home, Joe recommended someone as well whom my bro will be contacting.

Bottom line…Joe is someone I would recommend without hesitation. His passion comes across immediately when you talk to him. When my brother comes home for the summer, I will post updates to let everyone know how his training is progressing.

Thanks mon. Yeah, I’ve been pretty impressed with what I’ve read about this guy. Look forward to the updates.