Joe Average system

Have any of you guys tried the Joe Average system that was developed by Jim Parrish who is the coach of the Body Factory powerlifting team? I like some of his ideas and basically it is a westside system spread out over a 10 day period of time, it also includes alot more band exercises. I am going to adopt some of their ideas into my training while keeping others the same. I have met quite a few people who trained westside and had their results stagnate and then switch to the JA system with great results. If you guys want to check it out go to and tell me what you think.

I’ve read their articles and looked at their website, and their stuff definitely works for him. I’m just starting with this stuff and not stagnating yet, so I probably won’t give it a real hard look until I do.

OGuard, what parts of their system are you thinking of implementing? All I know is that some of the band tension they claim to use seems pretty insane…hey, if it works for them, great.

i am changing several things, for instance i will do upperbody speed day 1, drag sled day 2 , upperbody assistance day 3, lower body speed day 4, lower body assistance day 5, dragging sled day 6, upper body max day 7,upper body assistance day 8, lower body max day 9, lower body assistance day 10. I am also doing more westside type accessory movements ie. raises, extensions, rows, shrugs etc as oppoesed to the JA system which relies almost entirely on benching movements for triceps. I like the idea of using alot of tension, it is working well for the squat, i am working up to a circa max phase so the tension i use is serious and lately i did a 685 full gear box squat 2" below parallel, so i know the extra tension is working well. Any suggestions on my ideas are welcome.