Jodgey's V-Diet Log

Chris –

I really appreciate your thoughtful input and following up. I am really trying to catch a groove with all the chaos around. Looks like this week will be a good week to build on the starts and stops and find rhythm. I plan to do the walks in the morning prior to taking the kids to school, first shake + Fish oils, then off to the day. Shakes are easy at work, if I can stave off mid day hunger, workout around 6-7 on gym days, and then HSM.

Quick Question, Is there a reason black beans are not on the carb list? I always thought beans, when prepared thoughtfully, were a good carb source.

BTW, you were right, SUGAR on the meat church, put that back in the cabinet for another person for another day. Luckily, my favorite spice rub, Chef Paul Prudjdjdj (the Dom Delouise guy) Blackened Red Fish Magic, Salt and Spices, I’ll put that on a dog terd, grill it and eat it.

Beans are great. Yes, should be on the list.

I keep them simple: canned black beans, every white bean you can think of, and fat-free refried beans. Dietary fat isn’t the “enemy” but fat-free refried beans have less than half the calories… so you can eat more!

Main thing to watch out for is chili beans, baked beans, and any pre-flavored varieties. They always add sugar. I just flavor up the canned beans with onion, garlic, and jarred peppers. I have a pressure cooker and know I could make my own from dry beans, but, you know, choose your battles… I’ll just pop a can.

I’ll look into the Chef Paul stuff. Always on the lookout for sugar-free spice blends. Thanks!

And there’s definitely something to “catching the groove.” The groove becomes a lifelong habit. Then it’s not a matter of willpower because it doesn’t take any willpower energy – it’s just life.

There’s a good recipe on the back of the Goyo can. Garlic, pepper, onion, olive oil, white wine vinegar, Goyo seasoning, water. Seems benign. But they taste amazing.

Still sweating today. Down to 293.9 post dump. Hopefully, we can drop below 290 before the water shed is done.

The bummer is that I worked so hard to make lifting an integral part of my life and my identity. Then my dreams came true, got to start a company working with Imagineering, also got married and squirted out some kids. With all that, there was precious little time … . I allowed the distractions and responsibilities of this little company that could to consume all available time, at the expense of my personal well being. Lifting / routine exercise was something I was going to get back to, in a few weeks, in a couple months, soon, really soon. All the while knowing what to do, just not doing it, not prioritizing it. Also knowing how much work it took to get into and maintain decent health. As you guys say, this stuff is simple, but not easy. Now, back at the base of the mountain, older, fatter, with a sliver of the energy / motivation I had when I was younger. I’m ready to get back into this. Reading some of these other guys, Voluminous, Cordell, and T3hPwnisher, is really inspiring and motivating to not let the ‘responsibilities’ of the day get in my way. I really did miss this forum.

Balancing the work-to-workout ratio, as I call it, can be tough, not to mention family stuff. There are many days when I’m tempting to skip the workout because I’m thinking of the dozen or projects that need to be completed that day.

Then I remember something: I get more done at work on days when I train. Weirdly, removing 1.5 hours from the work day (workout itself, driving to the gym and back, cleaning up etc.) makes me more productive. I have more energy, both mental and physical. I still have to remind myself of this on some days when I’m tempted to skip training and get right to work.

The best workouts are the ones that you’ll do. I spent so much time in a local gym during my 20s, the owner offered me a part time job. Worked there for 4 years, now you couldn’t pay me to go inside one.

I have no desire, at the moment to barbell train. Give me some kettlebells, pull-up bar, push-ups and a hill to run up…and I get excited and want to do it. I’m usually done in the time it would take to drive to a gym and warmup.

Check out Kboges and Chandler Marchman on YouTube, both are excellent channels. It may be something that sparks an interest with you, sure did with me.