Jodgey's V-Diet Log

Hey Guys –

I used to live on T Nation back in my 20s and early 30s. Loved this group and loved obsessively being in the gym. But now, I am 14 years away form the gym and have lost all the hard earned gains and put 60-70 lbs of unwanted excess. I’ll essentially be back to square one, but am ready to give it a go. I’ll take my measurements in the next few days, they wont be pretty, but I’m officially on the board.

I have an underused ymca membership, so access to the gym. I notice that with 4.0, there is no suggested workout programs. As I am a about a decade removed from the forum, are there any good pre-fab routines that tie in well with this program for someone who is getting back on the horse? I know last time I looked at this program, there was a program Chris and Chad W developed. Is that still a good starting program or is something else suggested for the soon to be former fat and lazy?

Welcome back, jodgey! Generally, I’d suggest lifting 3 days per week, full body every workout, nonconsecutive workouts, then taking the recommended fast walks daily. The original plan by Chad Waterbury is still a good option, but do whatever appeals to you.

Ok, so here are the measurements:
Height 6’ 6"
Weight 302 lb
Left arm 16"
Right Arm 16"
Chest (above nippies) 52.5"
Waist (Above Navel) 51"
Waist (at Navel) 51.75"
Waist (below Navel) 51"
Thigh (Left) 26"
Thigh (Right) 26.25"

For Training, Im going to go with the beginner version of the suggested training plan from the previous Velocity Diet. I’m writing it here so I don’t have to dig for it

Monday: 40REps / 45 S Rest / 8-9RM

  1. DB Squat
  2. DB Bench
  3. BO Row
  4. Planks (hold ALAP, rest 45 sec, repeat)


  1. Romanian DL
  2. Lat PD
  3. Shoulder Press
  4. Side Plank


  1. Sumo Deads
  2. Incline DB Bench
  3. Wide Grip Lat PDs
  4. Planks

Weekly Progression, Drop Rest by 5 sec

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I’m on the road for two weeks, working 3rd shift install, so its actually a good distraction free time to start the diet, and hopefully gain traction. Eat my HSM at night before work and the MD shakes are easy to pre make and drink on site throughout the night.

I did day 1 on Thursday:

DB Goblet Squat
45 lb DB

DB Bench
40 lb DBs

45 lb DB

Bailed on the Planks

Today, I did the 2nd workout

Romanian DL
50lb dbs (max in hotel gym)
8s across the board

200 lbs
8s to 40

Seated db shoulder press
30lb DBs
8s to 40

Side planks
30s ea side rest 20s ea side

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Thanks for the advice Chris. I look forward to succeeding on this diet, but not so sure I’m excited about around day 21ish, when I will wrestle a child for their snack pack bag of ruffles.

Shout out to 3rd shifters! That’s always tough (not sure if I could handle it) but glad to hear the shakes are making it simple and easier.

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Yeah, I feel like a vampire, and never quite get settled one way or the other. But I’ll be back to real life in a week and a half.
Shameless plug, this is what we are installing. We designed and built an interactive for Disney, we did Hollywood Studios over a month ago. Now, its Disneyland’s turn.

The guy is kind of a chode, but he runs through the game.

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Todays Log:

3:00 am - Metabolic Drive Chocolate Shake 2 Fish Oil
9:00 am - Metabolic Drive Chocolate Shake 2 Fish Oil, Turmeric Supp
9:10 am - Petit Bambou Meditation App. This puts me in a trance-like state. She says these small statements and disappears into silence for what feels like an hour. With the noise cancelling airpods and in complete darkness, I feel like I am falling into an endless abyss.
1:15 pm - Metabolic Drive Chocolate Shake 2 Fish Oil
1:45-2:45 - 3.6 mile walk, 3.6 mph avg.

5:20 workout
Db sumo 50lb dbs (hotel gym max)
8reps rest 45s
DB Incline Bench 35lb dbs
8 reps rest 45s (slight right shoulder twitch)
Wide Grip Lat PDs 240 lb
8 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 6 / 5 rest 45s
Bailed on planks

6:00 metabolic drive shake 2 fish oil

7:30 Had a HSM of 8 oz sirloin, salad with vinegrette, and grilled asparagus

11:00 metabolic drive shake

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Today was a 3 mile beach walk on Venice / Santa Monica (still in traffic on the way back)

Had metabolic drive shakes plus fish oil throughout the day plus my turmeric in the morning.

Dinner was chipotle chicken bowl, 1/2 rice, black beans, grillled veggies, guacamole.
Calorie content by their numbers came in at 680 calories.

Chris, you are the diet recipe guru. Are there any behind the scene reasons that chipotle is a bad choice? The food seems freshly prepared with the right ingredients. Are there bad oils or additives or any reason why chipotle isn’t a decent choice in a pinch, or even not in a pinch?

Observationally, I was hungry and irritated the first couple days, but that’s dying off now. I’m also in a really strange sleeping pattern for another week, so that’s gonna mess with me and any form of routine I am trying to set up.
With one meal a day, I do find myself looking forward to what I’m going to get to eat around mid day. Kind of an “endless possibilities” enthusiasm. And with only one solid meal, you end up really cherishing and intentionally deciding what to do for dinner. Of course, I’m on per diem too, so I can go anywhere / do anything under $150 a night (not really a realistic situation). But I do like the intentional nature of eating, which only adds to the enjoyment, and it’s every day, so tomorrow, you get another opportunity. I’m not sure if this mentality helps with the ‘unnatural cravings’ but I do find that I am enjoying the meal much more than mindlessly shoveling food down.


Chipotle uses mostly rice bran oil, which isn’t the worst choice, though it is highly refined and has a lot of omega-6 fatty acids. I’d say it’s fine on occasional, but I wouldn’t have it in my house to use regularly.

As for their food, it comes down to what you order and what you add and subtract. The calories can really add up given the avocado, cheese, sour cream, etc. I’d keep the avocado myself and ditch the cheese and other dairy if I wanted to reduce the calories. Their “Paleo Salad Bowl” is under 450 calories and doesn’t have anything I’d cut.

If you go for something like a burrito bowl, it’s pretty easy to rack up near 1000 calories, even if most of the ingredients are what we’d call “clean,” so be careful there.

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I hope logging daily doesn’t seem excessive, but it does help me stay accountable or at least continually aware. Started the morning with Two shakes today, with the round of supplements. Then lunch kind of blew my calorie day up, it was a very social project team lunch, and I did not do a good job of finding the proper alternatives. Stuck with water for the drink ls but wound up eating a not so Healthy Solid Meal. I will say it was a luxurious meal that was truly enjoyed, both the quality and flavor of the food and the company involved.
But I did the treadmill at 3.5 - 4.0 mph with 3.0 incline for 45 minutes. Drinking Lots of water and will finish the day out with my other two protein shakes / Fish Oil as scheduled.


Log away! It helps tremendously, not just you but other V-Dieters who are following along.

I’m not gone, I have been fighting a plantars wart for about a year now, and the duct tape / sacylic acid combo invoked a very painful and disturbing removal of layers of skin (where you could see meat and blood through what layers of skin left). Needless to say, I have been letting my foot chill for a couple days. Still focused on the protein shakes and supplements and 1 healthy meal a day (mostly).

I’m going back home to Florida on Thursday, whee I should be healed, and on a regular sleep schedule. Also, I ran out of Metabolic Drive two days ago, and have been using those Costco protein shakes in the interim. Needless to say, I am looking forward to being in a place of routine , structure, and control.

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Ok, so the V Diet Reboot.
Last Friday,
weighed in at 298.9 lb, Drank 4 2-scoop Metabolic Drive protein shakes with 2 Flameout Fish Oils per shake. For Dinner, (poorly planned, but really hungry) Chipotle Bowl, with 1/2 Rice, Black Beans, Veggies, 1/2 Chix -1/2 Steak, Lettuce and Guac.
I walked 3.0 Miles in the am.
Workout was the Day 1 repeated:
DB Goblet Squat
45 lb DB SEts of 8 to 40 reps 45 sec rest

DB Bench
45 lb DBs Sets of 8 / 8 / 8 / 7 / 5 / 3, 45 sec Res

BO Row,

90 lb Bar Sets of 8 / 8 / 8 / 8/ 7, 45 sec rest

2 Sets of Planks at 30 sec each

Felt pretty good, I’m still trying to recover into a sleeping rhythm

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Saturday 9/3

Walked 3.5 miles in an hour

4 2-scoop Metabolic Drive Shakes (2 with a cup of Keurig coffee supplememting a cup of water. . pretty good) and fish oil. Also taking Curcimun in the morning.

Dinner was not as awesome, we went the the UF-Utah game, and we were pushed for time. I ended up getting a burger with no bun and half a beer. They didn’t have any veggies there.
Had a starbucks premade bottle thing on the drive home to stay awake (2.5 hours at 2 am) Good thing my sleeping patterns are still jacked up

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Sunday 9/4

Walked 3.5 miles (its a loop that I do, goes around 3 local lakes), hot and swampy as hell right now.

4 2-scoop Metabolic Drive Shakes with 2 Flameout Fishoils Caps, Circumin in the morning.

Went to costco, stocked up

Dinner last night was

8 oz Grilled Sirloin with Meat Church Gospel Rub (first time, really good)
1/4" Cup Black beans with 1/4 Sliced avacado, pinch of shredded cheese,
Mixed Greens salad with Balsalmic and Olive Oil, 5 pecans, some blueberries, raspberries, and backberries, pinch of shredded parmasean cheese

Felt pretty good

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And today 9/5/22

Slept in super late today, like 11 am, finally catching up with sleep., felt really refreshed for the first time in weeks.
Weighed in before consumption, post morning uhhh grumpy, 296.5 lb.
12pm : Did the 3.5 mile loop in about an hour.
1:15 pm - had my morning supplement barrage and 1 2-scoop Metabolic Drive shake with Fish Oil.
1:45 ; headed to the gym , but it closed at 2 for labor day, totally forgot it was a holiday. Going to do a home based substitute.
4 pm, 2nd shake / fish oils.

8 pm Tonight’s Dinner,
8 Oz Sirloin, with Blackened Redfish Magic
Garden Salad (Blasalmic and EVOO, Carrots, 8 Blueberries, 5 Raspberries, 4 BlackBerries, Red Onions, Orange Bell Peppers)
1/2 Medium Baked Potato with Potato Slayer, Bacn Pieces, Red Onion. . . I miss that Sour Cream, but this was pretty good.
Roasted Asparagus, minced Garlic, S/P/Garlic Powder, light coat EVOO, and pinch of Shredded Parmasean

Gonna have a pre bed shake later on tonight.

BTW, have been having the water pulses as well.

I’m really full. Need to check on the calories (started a spreadsheet this afternoon to calculate the macros and calories.) This was a total feast

I let the kid grill the steaks tonight and got to join in his lesson on grill temperature control. He forgot to turn down the temp, so we got to eat some Steak Briquettes.

I notice I am sweating a ton the past couple days, even inside. I think my body is shedding the excess water, which will be nice for the scale weigh ins this week.

I also like tracking my stats on a spreadsheet rather than using a narrative format. Is there a new cloud based way to link a cloud excel sheet to this log rather than typing it out

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Not sure about the EXCEL cloud option, but you may be able to do a screenshot.

Overall, great consistently in busy times with the walks and training. And as you know, planning is a bit part of the solid food. You’re getting there.

Be careful with anything that calls itself a “rub” for meats. I looked up the Meat Church stuff. First ingredient: sugar. Maybe it doesn’t add up to much, but the closer you can get to “eat nothing with added sugar” the better, especially listed as the first ingredient.

I’ve found a few steak seasonings that are sugar free, just salt, herbs, and spices. Fire & Smoke Society makes some good stuff (Steak King and The Usual). Available online and in Walmarts. Also good by that company: Fish Monger and Potato Slayer.