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Jocko Willink and Sleep/Recovery

Wasn’t sure what category to put this in so I put it off topic. Is anyone here familiar with jocko willink? The man gets 4-5 hrs of sleep a night wakes up and does an intense strength training session and then sometimes even works out again and also works and does bjj almost everyday of the week. I don’t understand how his body has enough time to recover. If he was sleeping 8-10 hrs a night I wouldn’t be so baffled. So I’m assuming this guy is on at least test/TRT. Granted he was a navy seal who has been training his whole life and was trained to run off of barely any sleep, I find it hard to believe that his routine is sustainable for such a long period of time without a huge CNS crash and burning out. Is there anyone out there that trains somewhat close to this and gets less than 8 hours of sleep? I’ve been trying to sleep less to train more and have more time in my day but I just feel sluggish and like shit and the past 2 days I’ve felt sick. Any tips to aid sleep and recovery that I might be neglecting?

This is silly.

I haven’t gotten 8 hours of sleep since 2010, when my wife brought home a new puppy that still doesn’t sleep through the night. I get up to lift 4 days a week at 0445 and will do 2 a days as needed. I’m not even close to hardcore compared to some dudes out there.

You can definitely learn to adapt.


Could be a couple of things. Lucky… Genetics. Soviet Sport Supplements. Good work capacity built up over a lifetime. “Smart” Programming/Periodisation/Autoregulation considering he doesn’t burn himself out.

Sleep enough so that you are able recover from training. Not the other way around.

Stimulus Recovery Adaption. That’s how it works. If you compromise your recovery your adaptions will suffer. When you start eating and sleeping moar you can give training more a go.

How you recover and how much sleep you need is probably highly individual. Optimise recovery as best you can and that’s about it. Good genetics will still trump you.


Lmfao @ Deniro. I know it sounds like taking steps backwards but my job doesn’t allow me to get many training sessions in so the only way I could think of to train more is to wake up earlier so I’d have to sleep less. I also work a physically demanding job as a laborer so that most likely is nullifying some of my potential gains as well. Thank you for the videos, I never read anything on JTS but I guess they’ve got some good shit

High frequency is a luxury not a necessity. You can overreach/train on high frequency just as well as dudes on low frequency ez. Maybe ur wasting time with a lot of fluff in the gym? Resting too long? Checking out fitness sloots?

You can think of things another way tho. Instead of improving your fatigue management you can try to improve your work capacity so that your body adapts to being able to handle higher workloads for the same amount of recovery. For the same amount of time working out that probably means more work done and shorter rest times.

Google “YOU ARE NOT OVERTRAINED” By Mike Tuchscherer

Does he actually train though? He posts pictures of his watch early in the morning not training videos.


Yes he does, he wakes up that early to train in his garage gym

You know this for a fact? He has never posted video just stupid watch pictures.

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Lmao the watch pictures have gotten ridiculous thinking about unfollowing him for it


The whole SEAL mystique is just getting goofy.

I used to do more shit than that at 11 years old.

4:00 wake up without waking anybody else up.

4:30 start paper route 150 papers covering half the borough I lived in.

7:30 home, breakfast, school, including gym class and archery

3:30-5:30 wrestling practice

6:00 home, dinner, homework, chores

8:00-11:00 pushup ladders and run steps.

4:00 do it again.


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great white shark eating a seal

Depends how you order the pics but the series that pic is from could look like a seal beating the shit out of a shark. Just needs big "POW"s and other sound descriptors:

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I think it’s best to take such things with a pinch of salt.

Social media including podcasts and Instagram etc often show us these “beasts” doing things that make us feel inadequate, but at the end of the day these “beasts” have their own agenda (selling books, programs etc) and this needs to be taken into consideration.

Don’t beleive everything you read. And all men can bleed.



Batman pls

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I’ve been waking up at 4:30-5:00, 5 days a week for the past 4.5yrs to go work out…and I’ve never taken a single picture of my watch, i guess I’m doing it wrong.

In the article it said he sets 3 alarms which is lol, often times I wake up naturally before my alrm cause my body knows its time to wake up…but I am not an ex seal so I guess im not doing it right.

Isn’t it easy to tell if you’re recovering enough? Injuries and no gains means probably not enough, smooth gains and you’re recovering enough.

If you search around on the internet you can find out that some people have a gene that changes the amount of sleep they require. It goes from 7 and a half down to 4 and some change or even less. Its not super uncommon, but as far as normal people are concerned I know I can survive on 5 or 6 hours if I also get a 30 minute nap in there, Its not the best thing, but I can manage for a long time.

How much sleep do you get on an average day and when do you typically go to bed?

On topic- I’ve been getting about 6-7.5ish hour of sleep in the past year or so and I lift everyday. This happens to be the best training year I’ve had since the year I started lifting, so I’m generally in the camp that sleeping 8 hours a day is not a necessity.

I AM noticing a steady build-up of fatigue in my head though, but I think that has to do with the fact that i’ve had to dip down into 5-6 hours of sleep at some points in the last couple of weeks.

At this point I know that, as long as I get about 7 hours of sleep, I’m golden. I can live off 6-7, but I suffer when I dip below 6.

Nothing a cup of coffee can’t handle though.

Dear god i don’t even know who this guy is but he’s on some drugs for sure. Sorry I don’t have proof other than not being fooled by this shit more than twice.

I wouldn’t take anything away from the guy. He has done some incredible things.

Its just kind of a trend I’ve seen developing with people at large, and especially in business- that want to be like these guys or get a taste of their lives by subscribing to their social media, reading some books or going to a seminar.

It just doesn’t work like that.

If one needs a Seal team commander to tell them to wake up, go to work and exercise some personal responsibility, then may god have mercy on their souls, because they are truly missing something deep down in the bowels of their personal constitution.

Full disclosure- I know a few guys that have latched on to this “extreme ownership” thing. After spending a decade raping people from behind a desk and destroying their families all of the sudden they’ve decided to become super responsible for their own actions after their industry got turned on its head and their families hate them.

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