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“June 4 (Bloomberg) – U.S. employers added 248,000 workers to payrolls in May, more than forecast, helped by the biggest gain in manufacturing employment in almost six years. The economy has now recouped all the jobs lost since the recession ended in November 2001”

Just wanted to keep you up to date on the progress of the economy. In fact, there have been 1.4 million new jobs added since September. So many jobs have been added in so short a time, that I heard this news on N.P.R. It seems it cannot be ignored. Please make special note of the new manufacturing jobs.

These jobs are far and above the Administration’s expectations (especially over the past three months). In fact, March=300,000, April=250,000, May=248,000 new jobs. Do you guys remember all those Democratic “gurus” snickering about the “wildly optimistic” and “unrealistic” job expectations from the Bush Treasury Department? I hope they are regurgitating their green tea right about now.

Wanted to wish a very pleasant day to my friends: Elkhntr1, Lumpy, danh, kuri, and my special pal, vroom.


P.S. The 1.4 million jobs have cost George H.W. Bush trillions of dollars.

P.S.S. My posts are costing him as well.

aside from this being fantastic news, i have to say you are one funny motherfucker, Jeff. keep it up.

I spent a few weeks between jobs early on in Bush’s tenure. I sat on the couch eating Fritos, beating my wife, and sleeping until noon. Every day I rose to the noonday sun and said: “What no job yet? I BLAME GEORGE BUSH. If the Government (an omnipresent third party in which I take no responsiblity) would just take money from the guys that were earning and and give it to me, I wouldn’t even need a job! What do those guys need it for, another limousine? Can’t they just print the money?”

Eventually this became boring enough that I went and found a job.

Great post, and interesting to notice when job creation was light or negative, it was a headline almost every day, and now that jobs are being created, it’s a quick statistical blurb.

Job creation was always an economic phenomenon - yet that didn’t stop legions of Bush opponents with charging him with responsibility for not creating jobs. And yet they ever explained how Bush himself could create thousands of jobs as President of the country.

Clinton, Bush, and Kerry all have roughly the same power to create jobs - near zero.

Great post again.

Very true. This will be washed over with some other heated headline blasting Bush. You wait. There will be another BIG HEADLINE in the next few days that will put Bush in a negative light; meanwhile, the Million+ jobs that have been created as a result of this Administrations well thought out policies will be forgotten.

Oh, there will be another quick headline when June’s awesome numbers come in too, but it will be short lived.

Liberals, commence blazing…

My friends,

When a story breaks, I like to see how various news stories cover it. You can prove a liberal media bias by observing how an outlet covers the story.

I have become a harsh critic of the media for about four years. I was at George Bush’s inauguration four years ago. We walked by the Supreme Court and say about 30-35 protestors standing in the rain. They were surrounded by about 75 journalists. We saw a few Lumpy’s and Elkhntr1’s walking around with their childish little signs. I felt sorry for them. So unemployed and unkept. I wanted to scream out, “Your Dad didn’t leave because you were bad!!!”

That was it. No mass demonstrations, nothing. We turned on the mainstream media at various times that night. Guess what we saw? The stations were reporting on the large demonstrations staged against George Bush.

As I stated earlier, there were far more journalists present than protestors. UNLESS, the journalists were joining in the protest!!! Oh, I hadn’t thought about that. They looked small, weak, and were flailing around. Now I get it. However, 100 people total is not a mass protests.


P.S. George H.W. Bush paid the protestors to stay away from the inauguration. Unfortunately, he missed a handful of them.

This little bump is nice to see, but Bush is still presiding over almost 2 million job lost under his tenure. We are still deep into negative numbers under Bush.

After 39 months of Bush in office, 36 of those months we lost jobs. Okay, so three or four months of job creation is better than nothing… just barely.

To the person who said “the president can’t create jobs”, then why did Bush claim that each tax cut he made would create hundreds of thousands of new jobs?

Trickle-down economics don’t work for the middle class, but they certainly help the rich get richer, and that is what George Bush’s economic strategy is all about.

Trickle down economics? Hahahah. Only if putting money into something means a lot more money. Its the biggest crock of shit ever. Its pretty well known that prosperity means more greed. Give me a break with this trickle down horseshit. The economy was fine under Clinton. It ebbs and flows. Its likely to fix itself no matter who is president.

time for me to ask for a raise!

More jobs were created due to favoring economic conditions which is great. Strangely though the unemployment rate did not change. Im not down grading the President here by any means but if unemployment stayed the same, isn’t that telling us that if we gained 248k jobs then didnt we lose that many as well? The positive thing here is that the economy created the new jobs.


Thanks for reading the whole article. It consisted of a two sentences. Was that too much for you to concentrate upon?

Catch the part about making up ALL THE JOBS SINCE THE END OF 2001? How about the new manufacturing jobs?

Why am I typing? You won’t read this. You aren’t interested in englightment. It’s all about whatever Terry McAullife says.


P.S. George H.W. Bush didn’t have to pay for this one either. He doesn’t pay me for reiterating exactly what I had said earlier.

“but if unemployment stayed the same, isn’t that telling us that if we gained 248k jobs then didnt we lose that many as well”

No, it means that people who had given up looking for jobs and therefore quit showing up in the unemployment stats have now returned to the job hunt.

Here are the real facts. There were 1.782 million jobs lost in 2001. 1.172 million (or 65.77%) were lost from September to December of that year. You know, following the events of September 11.

In 2002 there were 563 thousand jobs lost.
In 2003 there were 61 thousand jobs lost.

So far this year there have been 1.189 million jobs created. This still leaves a net loss of 1.217 million jobs. Or about the rate it was at the beginning of November 2001.

There have actually been 17 months of job creation, (9 coming the last 9 months,) since February 2001. The first month after Bush was inaugurated.

I should mention that the 2001 number of 1782 includes a loss of 53 thousand jobs in January, the month Bush was inaugurated.


(You have to do math.)

I am very pleased that my fellow Americans are going back to work in droves. We’ve weathered the recession and the shocks of 9/11 together. Here’s to GWB and continued improvement of our economy.


Wait a second, when the jobs were shitty it wasn’t Bush’s fault, but since there’s an upward swing it is to Bush’s credit? Inconsistent, at best.

Plus, we ARE talking about a quarter, here. Good, but “let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks yet” (The “Wolf,” Pulp Fiction).