Just looking for some feedback from various people who have professions that deal in sports supplements, training, vitamins, etc…

Just like everyone else on this forum I have an extreme passion for the endless limits of health and nutrition supplementation and training. I would love to find a career that I can fuel that passion and share it with others.

I have been toying around with the idea of becoming certified as a PT and/or nutrtionist. I would love to hear some insight from anyone who is in this field.

Just to give some background, I’ve worked at GNC, managed a Vitamin Shoppe and for a lack of opportunities I am currently managing a suspect “fad” weight loss center. I loved the experience at GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe, but unfortunately there’s nothing available in the area I live.

I’ve been a NSCA certified personal trainer for three years. This was great throughout college. Ya can’t beat 24 bucks an hour! I recently graduated and took a position at a commercial real estate firm. I still personal train on the side because I love it, plus its a great way to supplement your income. Personal training is hard year-around where I live because of the “peaks and valleys” in business. For example in the summer, my clientele in nearly non-existent because many travel.

One person on this forum has a job in sports nutrtion/supplements, training, etc…?

Ummmmm, what about being a steroid smuggler? The pay is good.